Entering 2013 With #SBB2013

It has been a bit slow for me and now it is already reaching the end of January. My blogging activity doesn’t seem to kick of to a faster pace.

All of a sudden an email prompted me to click and log in to my Facebook account mentioning about a blogger event “Sepetang Bersama Blogger” or #SBB2013. It will be organised by Denaihati. com. This will be my first appointment with them.

A bit too late because it has passed the closing date. However I tried my luck to inquire whether i can still register. The first response was “sorry, closed” Well, it not be my fortune to be part of the event.

After lunch, I check my FB inbox and found that my request had been approved due to another earlier participant couldn’t make it to the event. So, I sent in my particulars and will be attending the event after all.

Such event is a place for young, new and aspiring bloggers to meet and get to know experience bloggers, famous bloggers, well-known bloggers and learn from their experience. It is also an opportunity to widen your network because opportunities in blogging depends much on networking.

I learn it through experience. If you had been reading blogs about bloggers attending events and walk away with doorgifts and souvenirs, it means those bloggers get invited by friends. If you do not have friends (and I mean good friends) chances of your being invited is as good as zero.

Another factor getting invites is traffic. You must build traffic so that event organisers might trip upon your blog while searching for blogs. More traffic means wider market for them.


End Of The Road For Xperienceoflife

I received an unexpected email from Blogger with the following subject, Blogger blog takedown notification – http://xperienceoflife.blogspot.com/

The blog that I had been managing since March 2006 was forced by Blogger to go off public. That means its only me will be able to read the archives.

I will not appeal Blogger to revert their action but will not create new blog using blogger and will now switch to WordPress. They think that they are giving free lunch to bloggers, they can do anything to them.

This WordPress blog is a paid site and I hope it will not face the same problem as blogger blogs.

However I still have a few more blogs on Blogger and if they take down one by one let them do it.

ASEAN Blogger Declaration

I attended a Bloggerfest in Penang in 2010 and had a list of bloggers whose blog I use to randomly visit and read. Tonight I was reading a blog from a Cambodian Blogger who is also a journalist and came her posting about Blogger’s   Conference in Bali in 2011. 

There was the ASEAN bloggers conference in Bali on 16-17 November 2011 and during that Conference, a ASEAN Bloggers declaration was mooted. Below is the list of declaration. Watch the video t the end of this posting too. 


  1. We, the ASEAN bloggers, gathered in Bali, on 16th November 2011, aligned with the 19th ASEAN Summit, acknowledge the role and contributions of social media for the establishment of ASEAN Community 2015.
  2. We, the ASEAN bloggers, aspire to seek the freedom of expressions among us as enshrined in Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  3. We, the ASEAN bloggers, in the spirit of partnership and solidarity among the family of people from ASEAN countries, independent of political influence, are determined to use social media in the development of ASEAN’s political, economic, and social-cultural potentials with the aim to promote understanding among ASEAN people.
  4. We, the ASEAN bloggers, are determined to develop cooperation in all fields under ASEAN’s One Vision, One Identity, and One Community.
  5. We, the ASEAN bloggers, are committed to ethical and positive demeanor, respectful of the rights of authors attached to articles, photos, and videos, and other creative products.
  6. We, the ASEAN bloggers commit to:
  • Declare the 16th November as the ASEAN Bloggers’ Day.
  • Develop communication platforms, both at the national and the sub-regional levels, taking into account the interest of people participation in the rural areas of ASEAN countries.
  • Organize future activities to encourage closer contact among bloggers.
  • Mandate the Indonesian ASEAN Blogger Community President to coordinate and communicate to all their counterparts from ASEAN countries regarding development and progress achieved in accordance with the Declaration.

   7. We, the ASEAN bloggers, encourage all bloggers to join our efforts in making this Declaration a reality.

Re Branding This Blog?

It has been quite sometimes that I did not post in this blog. The reason being I did not travel. So not i am thinking of re-branding this blog with a new name to keep its objective of being a travel blog. I am thinking of changing the name to something that still contribute as a traveling blog but not only about my travel experience. Another option is to bled it into my main blog xperienceoflife or the Malay blog catitan alam maya. I am still not decided on this.

I Wuz In Penang @ BlogFest.Asia 2010

Note: This entry was posted HERE for the Blog Penang Contest in ocnjunction with the BlogFest.Asia 2010. Since it is more of a travel experience, I decided to move it here.
This is a story of three friends who made their first visit to Penang. They sat on the bench and their eyes fixed to the ferries plying the channel seperating the island and mainland connecting Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim on the mainland and Pengkalan Raja Tun Uda on the island. One ferry after another berthed but the the three friends did not embark on any of them when others left on every ferry that came. The terminal staff was wondering why the three of them did not follow the crowd when the ferry arrives. The three friends then were becoming restless because they have been waiting for hours since early morning and now its about lunch time and still there is no sign of the ferry for them to take. Losing patience, one of them decided to ask the terminal worker, when will the ferry to Pulau Pinang be arriving. The staff and his friends tried hard to contain their laughter and not to offend the man. Politely the worker explain that they can take any of the ferries because all of them go to Pulau Pinang.

Do you think its a joke? Yes, it is one of the joke related to the island. In relation to the fleet of ferries are named after islands Pulau Undan, Pulau Angsa, Pulau Rimau, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Payar, Pulau Kapas, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Talang-talang.

Some History

The name of the island Penang or Pulau Pinang derived from the pinang tree (betelnut) and hence transliterally translated as Betelnut Island. It is also  dubbed the Pearl of The Orient was formally part of the Sultanate of Kedah until it became the British possession in 1786 after being ceded by the Sultan of Kedah to East India Company in exchange for military protection from Siamese and Burmese army.The island gained independence as part of Federation of Malaya in 1957.

On 17th July, 1786, Captain Francis Light landed on what now is called the Esplanade with a small group of civilians and naval staff and hoisted the Union Jack on 11 August to officially took possession of the island. The present Georgetown is named after King of England George III.  Today Penang has grown into one of the busy port on Malaysiacatering mostly trade in the Northern region of peninsular Malaysia. Penang has two parts. Seberang Perai on the mainland and Penang Island. Most of the tourist activities is concentrated on the island that has stretches of beautiful sandy beaches for sunbathing or lazing around in the Tropical sun or the sea to take a dip and savour its cool refreshing water of the Straits of Malacca.
This island has many attractions and besides its white sandy beaches with hives of sea activities, Penang is also a food haven. There are abundance of restaurants serving varieties of food from local cuisine as well as foreign food. When in Penang you are not far away from home as one can find something as near as home. And what more if you visit the island, there will be activities to be witnessed since it is  Visit Penang 2010-2012 and one of the attraction is her cultures.

I am here in Penang again for the Blog Fest Asia organised byDot.Asia Organisation, a Hong Kong based company and co host by Wawasan Open University. This event is also co-sponsored byTourism Malaysia exabytes network, visit Penang 2010-2012,instantIT Asia and internews. 

There are many choice to travel to Penang from other parts of Malaysia.Flights, train, taxis or Express buses. On this trip I travel over land since its the cheapest means of transport.The fare was RM32.00  I left the temporary Express bus terminal at Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur at 1.45 pm.and the journey was, well a bit tiring since it took 5 hours to reach Butterworth before connecting my journey on one of Penang’s icon the ferry. Sailing duration between the two ferry terminal is about 15 minutes and one just pay RM 1.20 to enjoy the sea breeze and the traffic on the channel. If you have the choice to travel to Penang, don’t miss both means of connection between the island and mainland, the ferry and the bridge. Both channel just charge you a one way fare and it means going out of the island is FREE. Don’t you think it is worth to travel to Penang?

The city of Georgetown

Georgetown is the earliest of Malaysian town to obtain its city status and it was granted on 1st January 1957. Since the city was developed during the colonial days roads are a bit narrow, buildings are old fashioned that helps the city achieve her UNESCO’s Heritage City status.

The Food

Whats the best food in Penang. Well, when people talk about Penang then there is this popular dish that originate from this state, Nasi Kandar. “It is a meal of steamed ricewhich can be plain or mildly flavored, and served with a variety of curries and side dishes.

The word Nasi Kandar, came about from a time when nasi [rice] hawkers or vendors would kandar[balance] a pole on the shoulder with two huge containers of rice meals. The name has remained and today the word Nasi Kandar is seen on most Tamil Muslimor “Malaysian Mamak” restaurants and Indian-Muslim stall meals.- Wikipedia.


So when in Penang, do not miss to test your taste bud on the dish. Among the popular stall is Line clear. This is a small stall located at one of the small alley near the junction of Chulia Street and Penang Road. What is Nasi Kandar by the way. For Malaysians is is becoming popular. Nasi kandar restaurants have been growing by day and not only in Penang island but throughout Malaysia. Hmm, I am not sure if the are Nasi Kandar restaurants in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan now. Besides this Line Clear, there are some other well known Nasi Kandar restaurants such as Pelita Nasi Kandar, Subaidah Restaurant. Whenever in Penang I will not miss this famous Hemeed’s ox tail soup at upper Penang Road opposite Hotel Malaysia. Hey guys the word goes, its good for men. Hmmm…. maybe because the ox’s tail never stops wagging its tail.

The soup is served with oven baked bread like this.
IMG00330-20101001-0016 IMG00331-20101001-0029
Please also not to miss the Penang Laksa or the rojak at the Esplanade. That was just a few. Ask around and the list of Penang specialty on the dinner table never ends.

The People

The island community is made up of three main race that is Malays, Chinese and Indians. However there is also some unique local community, the Anak Mami. These are a mixed breed of Malays and Indians and to understand it, one has to open the history book. Due to her multiracial soceity and imigrants from different parts of the world, Penang’s culture is also unique. The Chinese has their Chingay that originated from China and the Malays with their Boria. believe to originate from Persia but both have been accepted as local culture and presented during various functions in Penang or other parts of Malaysia.


The uniqueness of Penang public transport is she still has the trishaw. It is a three wheeled transport pedaled driven by the peddler. This mode of transportation is slowly diminishing and maybe one day be history. So, if you visit this island, never miss your opportunity to ride on one.

Well, what else can be found in Penang? Too bad I do not have the time to walk the island but from visitors and tourist brochure, you must never miss the Penang hill, Butterfly Farm, Fort Cornwallis, Snake Temple to state a few.
Before I forget, and before you leave the island don’t forget to take home another souvenir considered native to Penang that is nutmeg oil, nutmeg balm, pickled nutmeg or the fruit itself. And lastly Mai lagi no?” (Please come again).

Blogging Into The Limelight

Bloggers, the future is bright for you. When you jumped onto the blogging bandwagon, you had made the right choice in choosing your interest. Bloggers and blogging is emerging in the limelight lately. Even though it is not officiated, bloggers are becoming important and necessary to accomodate the development of the new media and changing lifestyles. More and more people are patronising the cyberspace 24 /7 and in today’s availability of mobile gadgets, makes dissemination of information through the internet a necessity. Thats the reason bloggers are becoming more important especially in marketing of products. One of the reason is that, its economical and marketing is borderless as compared to traditional marketing strategies.
In September 2009, an internet advertising company, Nuffnang, launched the first online TV shows about bloggers with seven top Malaysian bloggers for the first season, called Project Alpha. In collaboration with the show, Nuffnang also organise blog writing contest, open to bloggers to post entries about the respective bloggers weekly. Indirectly entries do help not only to promote the selected bloggers but also helps market Nuffnang and the sponsors product and minimum costing.
On 6th of October Ministry of Federal Territories launched the Blog4FT blogging contest as an effort to promote the three Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan. This contest too not only helps to “sell” Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan to the world but indirectly increase the blogging population and motivate more people to blog and paralell to that, improving  writing skills and their internet savvy.
Today when I visited The Pavillion, I came to know of another event for bloggers, the Live Mannequin Blogathon held at Tang’s.
The four bloggers ‘thrashing’ against one another behind the glass for 24 hours are Cheeserland, Huai Bin, KY  Speaks and Wernshen.  More details HERE. Photo below I grab from sixthseal show the bloggers involved.

So bloggers, you are going  to be future ambassadors in cyberspace……..keep writing.

Blog To Sell FT

Ministry of Federal Territory has launched the inaugural blog writing contest to “sell” the federal territories of Malaysia. The launch was held at The Pavillion, in the busy business centre of Kuala Lumpur. The guest of honour was the Minister himself, Datuk Raja Nong Chik. The function was attended by invited bloggers, media and also member of the public to kick off the online competition to promote the three Federal Territories since the internet can reach a wider audience as compared to the traditional information vehicle such as newspapers, magazines or electronic media. 

Minister of Federal Territories addressing the audience and launching Blog4FT. The Minister himself is also sits on the internet to get in touch with the rakyat and admitted that he is a Facebook Minister as nicknamed by his fellow cabinet members. He also a Blackberry user.

Ahiruddin Attan of Rocky Bru’s is one of the panel of judges member to pick the best blog. 

Zainal Abideen (in skull cap) blogs at Mahaguru58
A sketch potraying life in Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur
The Grand Prizes on display in front of Pavillion.