P51 Bukit Gelugor

Since 2004 Bukit Gelugor has been the late Karpal Singh’s den and now it will be taken over by his son, Ramkarpal. During the last General Election, Karpal garnered 55,839 votes defeating BN’s candidate who only manage to get 14,061 votes. There were 69,900 voters who voted and late Karpal Singh won by a 41,778 majority.

Today 25th May 2014, his son is on the seat to continue his legacy. Ramkarpal won in the by-election with  41,242 votes to beat PCM’s Vice President Datuk Huan who gained  3583 votes. Majority is 37,659

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan and both Independant candidate Mohammad Nabi Bux and Abu Backerboth lost their deposit when they only manage to get 799 and 255 votes respectively.

This graphic below was the result of the 13th General election for the constituency.


Voter turnout is 56.4% or 46,099 votes cast. Tereh are 539 spoilt vote.


Dyana The Crowd Puller

At first everyone’s attention were focused to Bukit Jelutong by-election after its MP, Karpal Singh passed away in a road accident. Everything moves at a normal pace as any by-election but the mood was a bit dampen because BN decided not to contest the DAP fort. The late Karpal Singh held the Bukit Gelugor seat since 2004 until his demise on April 17 2014.

On nomination day five prospective MP submitted their nomination papers but only four was accepted. Another candidate did not have his deposit to contest. Without BN candidate, nomination process was very peaceful.

All of a sudden a pretty young lady pulled everybodys attention to Telok Intan for another by-election. Most political fans quite forget that Bukit Jelutong polling day is not over yet. The campaign had been going on.

A new young lawyer became a crowd puller and made BN press the panic button. Their paid cyber troopers started their usual defamation antics by scouring the net searching for photos that can smear Dyana Sofia’s image so voters shy away from voting her. They found a Filipino look-a-like of Pauleen Luna.

Dyana Sofia

Smear tactic campaign has been part and parcel of BN’s Trademark. Not satisfied, the cybertroopers came up with another photoshopped photo of Dyana cuddling a dog. The original photo was Dyana cuddling a cat.

On another note, Bukit Gelugor candidate from DAP too, is not spared. Now he is accused as being gay since he is a bachelor even though he is in his late 30s. What a dirty politic BN is using when they do not have any clear matured issues that can help voters choose their representative. Luckily the voters has brain compared to the cybertroopers.

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