#MH370 Missing En Route


#Pray for MH370
#Pray for MH370

Today abuzz on social media, traditional electronic media and talk of the town is the news that Flight MH370 bound for Beijing China was missing along the route. The last tracked position was off the coast of Vietnam. The plane has 227 passengers and 12 crews. For the manifest of the passenger list CLICK HERE.

There had been confusing news and postings on the social media especially Facebook flooded with unconfirmed latest status of the plight of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200.

MH370 departed KLIA at 12.35 a.m and was scheduled to land in Beijing at 6.35 a.m. However communication was lost while the plane was crossing the South China Sea towards Vietnam. The jet was being monitored by flight tracking website flightradar24.com which shows the plane’s progress before it vanished.

The last position recorded was at 1.30 a.m Saturday morning.

It has been reported that one of the passenger board the flight with a stolen passport belonging to one, Luigi Maraldi, 37, from Cesena. Read more interesting development HERE.

MH370 schedule Watch the graphic showing the moment MH370 went missing over The South Chine Sea HERE.

MH370 route

When all effort had been deployed for Search and Rescue (SAR) and as member of the public who has very limited knowledge about the aviation  industry, let us not make misleading comments. Let the specialist do their work and the priority now is WHERE IS MH370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Information

Family members: +603 8787 1269 / +603 87871 629
Media: +603 8777 5698 / +603 8787 1276
Public: +603 7884 1234

Population of Malaysia Is 30 Million

According to the population clock published on the Malaysia Statistics Department website, the country has 29,999,530 citizens at 6.43pm Wednesday 26th February 2014.  Check the population clock at Jabatan Statistik Malaysia.

population of malaysia

Gambarajah di bawah adalah agihan dari segi ethnik

population by ethnic

Sumber Rujukan untuk posting ini.

Gold In The Toilet Or Chemical Leak?

Posted on Facebook this evening was two contradicting news regarding the same incident. Its not a big hu hah, but create a confusion of the truth of our news report. Malaysians had been served for years with “tempered” political news over our mainstream media, TV and radio. Thanks to the internet that we get to read more reliable news and many of which are fresh from the farm and untempered.

A flight from Changi en route to Madras made an emergency landing  at KLIA after it was reported that a mysterious package was found in the aircraft’s toilet, which turn out to be gold bars. That was reported in The Star online.

The Star report poted on, Thursday February 13, 2014 MYT 2:53:29 PM posted ;  KUALA LUMPUR: An Indian budget airline flight from Singapore carrying 145 people was forced to make an emergency landing at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 7.30am Thursday, after a crew member found a package in the plane’s toilet.

However, a Fire and Rescue team, which inspected the package after the IndiGo aircraft landed, found that it contained just three gold bars, weighing less than 1kg. The attached photo below.

Gold Bar in Aircraft toilet
Gold Bar found in a mystery package on Indigo Air’s toilet.

myMetro posted the news Bebas kebocoran bahan kimia

PUTRAJAYA: Pesawat syarikat penerbangan Indigo yang melakukan pendaratan cemas di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) pagi tadi disahkan selamat daripada sebarang kebocoran bahan kimia.

Pemangku Ketua Polis Daerah Sepang Zaldino Zaludin berkata, pihak bomba dan penyelamat menamatkan operasi pemeriksaan pesawat jam 10 pagi tadi selepas mendapati pesawat itu selamat dari sebarang kebocoran.

myMetro Pic
myMetro reported chemical leak in cargo hold



Victim Of Consequences

Is it true that many newborn babies abandoned by “their genetic mother” usually were tagged  with their birthplace as where he/she was found? If it is true then we pity the newborn victim because he/she will have to live with such tagging for life and feel the guilt and shame for life too.

This was posted as Note To NRD: Don’t Record Abandoned Babies birthplaces as “Tong Sampah” published my Mei Mei Chu and was shared through Says Channel, an online social media sharing website.

According to the Johor Health And Environment exco member, the National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) has been listing the birthplaces of abandoned children with the exact location they were found.

Petition – No to COMANGO

Let us all Muslims who love the religion and Malaysian Culture lets sign an online petition against all the following causes:

MILLION UMMAH  AGAINST COMANGO for asking for Malaysia to:
1) Allow freedom to apostate
2) Recognize LGBT life culture (culture of adultery and sodomy)
3) Demand that the privileges of the Malays in the Constitution amended
4) Recognize the Shiite heresy in Malaysia
5) Demand that any parent who converted to Islam were not given custody of children
6) Insist on the removal of shari’a
Let us be a responsible Muslim and show your stance. You will have to answer to Allah in the afterworld


Remaja DiRogol Datuk Tiri

Kes haruan makan anak sering kita dengar. Orang yang sepatutnya bertanggungjawab menjaga mereka di bawahnya sebaliknya menjadikan orang itu mangsa nafsu serakah.

Di Kajang seorang remaja berusia 15 tahun telah lari dari rumah dan membuat laporan di Balai Polis Kajang setelah tidak tahan lagi dirogol oleh Datuk tirinya sejak empat tahun lepas.

Datuk tirinya berusia 68 tahun. Apa yang terlintas di kepala anda dengan usia seorang lelaki berusia sedemikian? Inilah kes harapkan pagar pagar makan padi.

Bapa remaja tersebut dan ibunya telah kembali ke rahmatullah dan tinggallah remaja tersebut dengan adik-adiknya bersama bapa dan Datuk tirinya. Datuk tirinya akan menunggu apabila tidak ada orang di rumah sebelum mengunci mangsa bersama di dalam bilik dan memuaskan nafsu serakahnya.

Sebelum itu remaja tersebut mendiamkan diri dari pengetahuan sesiapa sehinggalha mengambil keputusan untuk melarikan diri dari rumah dan membuat laporan di Balai Polis.

Suspe telah ditahan dan reman oleh pihak polis untuk siasatan di bawah Seksyen 376 Kanun Jenayah. Semoga remaja tersebut akan mendapat pembelaan sewajarnya.

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