Akademi Bolasepak Negara Mokhtar Dahari

It was officially launched by the Prime Minister on 10th April 2014. The Academy located at Sekolah Sukan Negara Gambang will be the new factory to groom new talents into great footballers to don the national colour. Click on image to read more.

Akademi Bolasepak Negara
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The Power Of Social Media

He waited for 30 years and travelled 7,000 miles from Kuala Lumpur to watch his favourite team, Everton,  played live in front of his eyes but barely an hour before the kickoff, the match was called off due to bad weather.

After making his way into Goodison Park an hour before kickoff, Wee tweeted a selfie to show his look of pure, mustachioed joy upon finally being in his beloved club’s home ground after so many years of support.

Dissapointed that his dream does not become a reality, his tweet reached one of Everton’s staff and they tracked him. He was given a VIP treatment by Everton for his loyal support. His journey might not be a lower after all. The morale of Wee’s experience – It pays to be sincere and loyal.

Wee at Everton
Wee Entertained by Everton

Read what SAYS said about his life time experience HERE.

Adventure Seekers – AWE2013

Adventure World Expo 2013
Adventure World Expo 2013

Mark your date from 19 – 20 October 2013 – The 2nd Adventure World Expo (AWE) 2013 sets out to being one of the exclusive and official sports and travel expo aiming to achieve many firsts in outdoor adventure sports exhibitions showcase in Malaysia and also internationally.
‘Motivation, Inspiration and Challenge’ are the focus of this year’s Adventure World Expo as it represents the core values of sports enthusiast and adventure seekers in achieving great heights in their specific areas and activities.
AWE2013 will be the best platform to connect avid sports enthusiast and first time adventurers in Malaysia and all across Asia to get not only information on the available sports activities but also to get great deals and offers on products and packages offered.



Isteri MatYeo Maki Hamun Pengawal -Update

Hari ini tersebar dalam Faebook video isteri pemain bolasepak Johor DT asal dari Kelantan tu, memaki hamun Pengawal Keselamatan.

Sedih juga tengok perangai seorang wanita yang masih muda memaki hamun seorang orang tua yang mungkin sama usia dengan bapanya sendiri. Dapat juga dilihat kelibat pemain Kelantan itu dalam rakaman tersebut. LIHAT VIDEO SINI

Sesiapa yang mendengar pun akan rasa kesal dengan sikap isteri pemain bola tersebut kerana Pengawal Keselamatan itu hanya menjalankan tugasnya menjamin keselesaan orang ramai.

Janganah anggap dia pemain bolasepak terkenal, ada keistemewaan tersendiri.


Susulan penyebaran video berkenaan, isteri Norsharul telah memohon maaf kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Siti Aisyah dan Norsharul Idlan Talaha
Siti Aisya Adam dan Norsharul Idlan Talaha. Foto diambil dari SINI

Kuala Lumpur: “Dengan rasa rendah diri, saya minta maaf kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia atas tindakan saya sehingga menimbulkan kemarahan semua pihak.

“Saya percaya, kebenaran kes ini akan terbongkar. Tolong jangan hukum saya tanpa mengetahui apa yang berlaku,” kata Siti Aisya Adam, 24, isteri kepada pemain bola sepak negara, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, ketika mengulas mengenai video dia bergaduh dengan pengawal keselamatan kini tersebar luas. Baca SINI selanjutnya.

Watsons Malaysia Cup 2013 – Quarter Finals


The Malaysia Cup is moving another step to the climax. The Quarter Finals will be played on 4th and 5th October respectively.

4th October 2013

ATM vs Lions XI  at Selayang Stadium

PKNS FC vs PAHANG at Shah Alam Stadium

5th October 2013

KELANTAN vs JOHOR DT at Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV, Kota Bharu

SARAWAK vs SIME DARBY FC at Stadium Negeri, Petra Jaya


Photo: sokernet

Sports- Islamic Solidarity Games – Karate

Malaysia bags first Gold at Islamic Solidarity Games in Palembang. The gold came through Lim Chee Wai in Karate, Kata. ImageTo date Karate had already contributed 1 Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Credit: Photo and result from Nordin Mohd Yassin’s Facebook

World Car Free Day 2013

22 September 2013 is World Car Free Day. In Kuala Lumpur, to coincide with the Car Free Day, there was the sentul Race Series 2013 Circuit held opposite the Dang Wangi LRT Station as the start and finish point. Participants cycle along Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Tunku abdul Rahman, Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Kuching, Jalan Dang Wangi.

After the Race circuit, the No Car Road was open to the public to cycle, walk, jog, roller skating and anything that does not burn fossil fuel to move. However I can’t find anyone on skateboard. Maybe its a new activity and later on when the public is aware about it, more will participate.

The half of the road involved was closed to cars to make it safe for participants. It was closed from 7.30 – 11.00 am.
World Car Free day (1)

22 September 2013 has been choosen as World Car Free Day as a campaign to reduce carbon emmission in the atmosphere.
World Car Free day (3)

World Car Free day (7)World Car Free day (5)World Car Free day (2)

National Cyclist also present to give support to the programme
World Car Free day (4)

Winners in rexpective categories of the Sentul Race Circuit 2013

World Car Free day (6)

World Car Free day (8)

World Car Free day (9)

World Car Free day (11)World Car Free day (12)

Paintball – A Sport For The Not Faint Hearted

Are you game enough to step onto a warfield? In full gear armed with a marker and tactically try to outdo your enemy who has the same equipment as you are? If you want to get the slightest taste of what war is about, then go to your nearest paintball park with your friends and play the game of paintball.

As this tittle says paintball is a sport not for the faint hearted. To play you need stamina and lots of it. You also need the courage, bravery and also physical strength.

The last time I played paintball was about three years ago at the Grand Finals of My NPL at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. I was just a D4 outfit and my team did not win any medals. The team break out due to personal and work commitments.

Today I had the opportunity to step onto the field again but at my usual playground, ASTAKA in Petaling Jaya but at Cyberjaya. It was the #Cyberjaya Paintball Park (CPP) with a group of bloggers invited by the operator.

Cyberjaya Paintball Park

How To Go To Cyberjaya Paintball Park
Map Showing How To Go To Cyberjaya Paintball Park At Pusat Komuniti Cyberjaya

Pusat Komuniti Cyberjaya housed  Cyberjaya Paintball Park together with other recreational activities and what differentiate CPP from many other paintball fields is that it has three different scenarios; Speedball field, Urban Assault Field and Recball Field all at one venue. There are three scenarios for Recball namely Gua Musang, Hamburger Hill and Sahara while one each for Speedball and Urban Assault.

Cyberjaya Paintball Park Field Layout
Cyberjaya Paintball Park Field Layout. Field 1 Speedball, Field 2 Urban Assault Field 3,4,5 Recball

Cyberjaya Paintball Park also has comfortable basic facilities such as clean changing rooms and ample parking lots not far from the fields.

Charges for the players is as shown in the photo below.

Charges At Cyberjaya Paintball Park
Charges Applicable At Cyberjaya Paintball Park. Credit to CPP Facebook page

Visit Cyberjaya Paintball Park website or FACEBOOK for further details

Malaysian Open Tenis KL 2012

Dapat juga tonton Malaysian Open 2012 di Stadium Putra.KL. Tu pun pasal dapat Complimentary ticket dari Astro kerana satu peraduan mudah. Bolehlah dua tiket.

Perlawanan yang tengok ni ialah antara V Pospisil dari Canada melawan J. Monaco dari Argentina. Entahlah aku pun tak kenal siapa pemain-pemain tenis ni. Kalau bukan dapat comolimentary ticket menang tak datanglah

Ni International punya competition. Tapi penonton tidak ramai. Tak sampai pun 500 orang pada masa ni. Mungkin juga hari ni org lebih minat nak dengar Budget 2013. Or malam mungkin ramai sebab lepas habis kerja. Esok cuti.

Penonton tenis peringkat antarabangsa di Stadium Putra

No Gold But A Silver From London2012

So our Olympians fail to bring back the much awaited Gold from London 2012. Our hopes were on the shoulder of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei but he was beaten by his archival, Lin Dan in a rubber set. He won the first game but lost both the second and third.

After his defeat in a well fought match, there are still dim hopes from our cyclist, Azizul Hasni Awang but according to Cycling Manager, Dato’ Naim, Azizul was not prepared for London 2012 but Rio2016. So, his participation in London on merit is just to set a benchmark to prepare him for Rio2016. However we still hope some upsets. If not our tigers come back with only one Silver from Dato’ Lee.

For the first time nobody was upset with Dato’ Lee’s defeat as being shown from Facebook posting and comments and also on twitter. Except for one politician who made a mockery of the defeat and he think to play in the finals of the Olympic with a world class player is like playing in his own backyard court.

No Gold but tears, he won the heart of badminton fans not only from Malaysians. Accept defeat with decorum is trademark of true sportsman. Photo Credit

Dato’ Lee has nothing to apologize to the sports fans because his supporters had watched it live how he fought to the end with just three points away to the gold. Everybody who was glued to the television screen or watch it on other gadgets how Dato’ Lee went all out to create history for himself and for Malaysia. However “rezeki” is not there yet.

Maybe LOGOC was predicting the Dato’ Lee Chong Wei will win the Gold and listed Tan Sri Tengku Imran, Malaysian Olympic Council President to give away the medals.Photo Credit