Pembangunan Sukan Tanpa Ideologi Politik

Berita ini terdapat dalam Harakahdaily Bil 1315 20 Jamadilakhir – 5 Rejab 1427 /16-31 Julai 2006. Saya ingin berkongsi dengan pembaca kerana berita macam ni tidak ada dalamakhbar arus perdana.

KOTA BHARU: Kerajan negeri sentiasa memberi kerjasama kepada mana-mana pihak bagi membangunkan bidang sukan di negeri ini tanpa mengambil kira ideologi politik.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Wanita, Belia dan Sukan, Abdul Fatah
Mahmood berkata, adalah menjadi matlamat kerajaan negeri tidak menjadikan halangan politik bagi pembangunan sukan di Kelantan.

“Kerajaan negeri sedia memberi kerjasama dengan mana-mana pihak untuk memaju da membangunkan lgi bidang sukan di negeri ini,” katanya di majlis Penghargaan Atlet Sukma Kelantan 2006, di sebuah hotel di sini baru-baru ini.

Pada majlis berkenaan, pemenang pingat diberi insentif sebanyak RM1,000, pingat perak RM500 dan gangsa RM250.

A Training Centre in England

The hotest topic after the recently concluded World Cup is probably the government’s plan to set up a training centre in Hertfordshire, UK. The project iniated by the Minister of Youth and Sports, YB. Datuk Azalina Othman Said sparkes a debate among Malaysian. From what I read majority is against the idea. Well, to spend RM 490 million on a training centre in foreign land can be view of wasting the tax payers money. We can ask how many Malaysia athletes can benefit from that project. How many Malaysian coaches can learn from foreign coaches based at the centre. If the returns is not worth the spending then I think better scrap the idea. Just imagine how many more sports facilities can be build with that RM40m and if the facility can’t produce wiorld champions at least the people who pay tax and vote for the present government benefit from it.

As someone who works in the sports industry , and being a former coach, I see that training oversea can be beneficial to our athletes since they are more exposed to high class competetitions. Our tops class athletes have no good sparring partner in the country and hence need more exposure. To be a winner is to adapt to a competitors level of skill. To spar with the best partner who is way below his level of skills and experience will do no good to an athlete.

I think the government will look at the proposed idea again and build that facilities at home or use the available facilities (said to be world class), bring foreign coaches and expertise (if needed), bring high class sparring partner (promoting sport tourism). More people can learn this way.

The Beginning

This is my first post for this blog. I create this blog to share my views about sport and its related activities. My view might not be right but thats what I see. Sport is one of the most talked about topic wherever in the world and especially when there is some world class sporting activities in goin on. Just like the world cup has changed Malaysian’s soccer fans lifestyle temporarily. Sport has been part of humans needs and desire. Its an activity to relief stress, promoting a healthy lifestyles, becoming glamoruous etc., etc., etc.,

Thog blog might either be in English or Bahasa Malaysia depending my emotions during the time of writing.

Please be aware that this is just my view and how I see it from my perspective.