Pictures of Lumut – July 2006

Here are some pictures of Lumut town that I took on my last visit.

Picture 1- The greeting en route to Lumut Town

The new Lumut multi storey parking providing easy parking for those crossing over to Pulau Pangkor.

The main road of Lumut town.

The new Waterfront Promenade where tourist can buy products from the sea. Salted fish and other seafood produce.

The Promenade near the Lumut Jetty. The jetty is at the far end of this picture.

A square in front of the Waterfront Promenade. I think the concept is of the ribs of the dolphin, a mascot for Lumut (I guess so)

Lumut waterfront. Visitors can walk along the waterfront or jog or have a foot massage at the reflexology walk found in the area.

This fish is one of the product of Lumut and visitors can buy them salted.

The Marlin. Don’t know whether there are marlin fishing on the sea around Lumut.

The Marina
This monument is found at the West Wing park just near he marina.

Bakau D Muara

Went for dinner at a place called D Muara, situated at mile 8 Lekir, Manjung. The place is a bit hidden and rom the road you will not see the restaurant. For your landmark the road leading to the restaurant is just between the mosque and the brodge on the right if you come from Manjung.
Another landmark you have to be aware is the Pusat Giat Mara on the left before reaching the mosque.

I was surprise upon reaching the reataurant because there are many cars that shows many customers.

Seashell Collection- Telok Batik Beach Resort

These are pictures of seashell collection found at the lobby of Teluk Batik Beach Resort, Perak. It seems that this resort has created an identity for themselves by using seashells as decorations.

I admire the above pic because the design created is simply fantastic. Thats Allah’s creation.

More Pics from Telok Batik

This cocktail drink is called “Hot Summer”. It is beng promoted at the Teluk Batik Beach Resort. Normal price of RM 6.00 being offered at just RM 1.00. Worth drinking. Where can you get such high end drink at RM1.00. Even sugar cane juice at the roadside costs RM 1.00 (without the decorations).
Stop at a road leading to Telok Batik for some durians. A fruit costs RM 4.00 but the flesh is not that thick. Durian kampung ma. Too bad I am behind the camera. Thats a cameraman’s fate.

Teluk Batik II – The Clock Tower

There is a clock tower erected near the beach of Telok Batik. Its nice to have clocks visible because all people depends on time and a clock is a necessity. However I found out that the clock does not fulfill its function as the time keeper. The close-up pictures of the four face of the clock makes one wonder which is the right time. See the two pictures below to see what I mean. If the clock is erected just as a display then it is useless.

Picture 1 shows two face of the clock

Picture 2 shows another two. See what I mean?

Telok Batik Resort -July 2006

Left my house at 6.30 pm and arrive Lumut at about 12.00 midnight. As usual my journey is part highway and part trunk road. Entered the Bukit Lanjan Toll and exit Tanjung Malim and toll is only RM 9.50. Stop for dinner at Batu Gajah. Had a plate of Nasi Goreng Ikan Rebus and ice lemon tea. The fried rice is a new recipe for me. I use to take salted fish fried rice but this time with it os something different. It is served with sambal and petai. Taste is ok. Maybe because I am hungry.

Stayed at Teluk Batik Beach Resort. The resort is situated about a hundred metres away from the beach.


Persiaran Telok Batik,
Telok Batik
32200 Lumut, Perak
Tel: 05-6938688

There is also hotspots wifi access.
The minus thing is that handphone coverage is very poor. There’s no coverage from the room and you have to find pockets where there is signal. The picture on the left tells the story.

Perlis 2006

I visited Kangar, Perlis from 25 June – 30 June 2006 for an assignment. Stayed at Putra Palace, the only primier hotel in Perlis. During my visit there is also the Karnival Sukan Badan Berkanun Malaysia housed at UiTM in Arau, Perlis about 15 km away from the capital, Kangar. As usual on all visits I will look for clock towers to add into my collection. One unique features on buildings in Kangar is there is a clock tower on them either on the building or monuments in the compound. The picture below shows the clock on the front of Putra Palace. I was told that the idea of having clock on all government buildings in Perlis is the idea of the Raja of Perlis.
The picture below is the clock tower at the state government compound in Kangar. According to the date it might have been built in 1358. That means the tower was there when the second world war broke out.

Sibu Airport Jun 2006

At Sibu airport before departure

The Sibu Airport Terminal building

This is the plane that will fly me back to Kuala Lumpur. Flight MH 2719

One view of Sibu Airport.

This is the new Kuching Airport after being renovated. My flight made a stopover and its my first time here after the renovation. When I came to Kuching in December 2006 it was still under renovation. Upon entering this waiting lounge, I remember the environment is just like the Macau International Airport.