Phone Scams

Of course they created fear of you losing your money by telling you that they want to check the authenticity of your card particulars. These train to con telemarketers do communicate like a professional bank employee and to unsuspecting victim, believes he/she is really from the bank.

Earlier this morning I listen to a conversation uploaded on Facebook about a guy being contacted by a supposedly bank officer requesting for his card information. The man went along and accommodate the callers question that is a standard script (based on my own experience receiving such calls) and answered as if he is going to fall into the callers trap. When the lady asked for his cards’ CCV by asking what’s his member number. The lady tell him that the member number is the three digit at the end of the signature column, he mention 100 making the lady a bit surprised. Suddenly the guy laughs and said “saya tipu saja nombor tadi tu” and laugh. At that point the lady was trapped when she mention “awak bodoh”.  So next time you receive a call from your bank about your credit or debit card are you going to play that game too?

Later in the evening there’s an article on The Ant Daily by Tan Jee Yee tittled “How A Bank Scammers Work“. I think it is a good read because there thousands of unsuspecting victims that these people can con. However many people still do not learn a lesson from others mistakes. JUST REMEMBER NEVER REVEAL ANY PERSONAL DETAILS TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE ESPECIALLY YOUR BANKING ACCOUNT UNLESS YOU WANT TO DONATE YOUR MONEY TO CONMEN. atok vlog

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