Siapa Nak Main Game Bomoh?

Memang cepat pembanguna aplikasi mobile menangguk semasa isu bomoh sedang hangat diperkatakan bukan sahaja di Malaysia, malah seluruh dunia.

Bagi pembangun aplikasi mobile mereka mengambil kesempatan ini untuk membangunkan permainan berasaskan bomoh tersebut. Ianya memang mudah kerana semplate sudah disediakan. Apa yang perlu buat ialah muatnaik imej-imej dan ikon yang sesuai dan kemudian ia sudah boleh dilacarkan. Semasa membuat tinjauaan pada Google Play, saya terkejut juga kerana bukan satu sahaja permainan Bomoh tetapi sekurang-kurangnya 15 aplikasi yang menggunakan perkataan Bomoh. Daripada senarai itu 10 adalah berkaitan dengan peristiwa MH370.

Berikut ialah pencarian daripada Google Play melalui PC


Saya ada buat screen capture dalam telefon pintar dan lihat sebarai permainan Bomoh termasuklah yang sedang hangat diperkatakan Bomoh hendak tampar YB Khairy Jamaluddin macam buaya.




Not Only #MH370, #Bomoh Is Trending Too

BBC said that “Bomoh” had been tweeted more than 200,000 times and been trending worldwide. However the appearance sentiment is shame. Seems that Malaysia had been put to shame with the inclusion of the Bomoh in an effort of searching the missing MH370. Bomoh in the malay language means shaman. By the way the ritual carried out by the Bomoh is against the teaching of Islam and considered as superstition and idoltry.

BBC says, The word “bomoh” is trending worldwide and has been tweeted more than 200,000 times, with the most obvious sentiment expressed being shame, the BBC reported. Read more from SOURCE

Below is a screen capture on a twitter page. However the Google image with the coconut replacing the two “o” , I am not sure whether is real.

MH370 KJ tweeter


In the teaching of Islam it is more appropriate to perform the 2 rakaah Solah Hajat (as the botton right picture), a prayer requesting and hoping Allah bestow what is intended by the jemaah. Today Friday 14th March 2014 mosques throughout the country were requested to perform the Solat hajat after the compulsory Friday prayer.

More screen capture below

MH Trending 2


Its only March and Malaysia made an inroad by having two words trending on tweeter. Earlier this year was the word “kangkung” or water spinach when the nation spoof the Prime Minister for asking Malaysians to praise the government when they are complaining of the rising cost of food.

Sarawak Report @sarawak_report tweeted “The world has been discovering a lot more about Malaysia since the drama of Flight MH370, resulting in many raised eyebrow.

The appearance of the Bomoh had been spoofed by many in Malaysia and even foreigner as posted on Facebook. Screen capture above shows.

Its a pity that the popularity of Bomoh in searching for the missing MH370 was reported made Malaysian in Egypt been derided.

Later in Parlaiment, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had also questioned who in Putrajaya had sanctioned the bomoh to conduct rituals inside KLIA to locate the missing jetliner making Malaysia laughing stock.

However, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, minister in the prime minister’s department had denied claims that Putrajaya had hired the bomoh, adding that it was not a directive from the government. For information, the Bomoh did mention he was invited by a high ranking VIP to make his appearance. Who is he or she?

It is also a disgrace when Al Arabiya reported that Malaysia had resorted to using black magic; as a last resort and desperate move to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 and Malaysia is seen as a model Islamic nation.


A portal or blog called has alleged that Raja Bomoh was paid RM1.8 million for his “stupid act”, all in the name of helping the government to locate the missing MAS Boeing 777. It’s like rubbing salt into the wounds of Malaysians and those with family members aboard the jet.