Oh My, Our Broadband Service Really Sucks

I am sure how many of us are really satisfied with our Broadband service in Malaysia. I have tried almost all the main service that is avaiable. The three main telcos all sucks when it comes to broadband service in term of speed. What is good abot them is the speed at ripping our pocket with of the subscriptions.

Ever since I own a iPad, I have tried all the services starting with UMobile that boast of the fastest Internet service in the country. Even while running on their high speed broadband seems just better than a dial up at most times. Then I switched to Digi and as usual, I was not stisfied with the speed and did not reload. Then I switched to Buzz Me that use the Umobile infrastructure. Surprising the speed is better than UMobile itself that own the infra. However the service is quite expensive considering RM20 for a 500Mbps.

Now I am on Maxis which I still use because its free, I think, since my 7 day reload at RM15 for 1 Gb expired. Of course speed is slightly better than the fastest tortoise. Loading takes ages and most of the time it return with a Timeout error message. Sometimes the page can’t even load.

I am considering using the Celcom service but when I enquire the outlets and Blue Cube, it seems they are not sure about the broadband service. I mean the prepaid package, cos
i am not going back to postpaid which do not benefit the subsrcibers. FYI, I was using Celcom postpaid since 2005 and many a time I paid for nothing after the service was barred due to late payment. No compensation even after settling the bills. This goes to all postpaid services.

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