Es Dawet di Palembang

In Malaysia we call it cendol but here in Indonesia or maybe Palembang (not sure) this drink is called Es Dawet. In Malaysia it is cendol a concoction of cendol, coconut milk and brown sugar juice and top up with shaved ice.  IMG-20111114-00557
Its the same basic mixture as in Malaysia but something extra here is a bulb of durian is added giving it a different taste compared to our popular cendol pulut in Malaysia.
Had the experience trying this drink during the SEA Games 2011 in Palembang. Its cooling and refrehsing to drink on a hot day. However the drink is a bit sweet and might not be suitable for those who are concerned with his/her high sugar content in the blood. Its worth trying. Price? hmmmmm……sorry I forgot.

TGIF Experience @ Pavillion, KL

Today I went out to The Pavillion to ‘claim’ my winning voucher at TGIF. I won the voucher as one item in the First Prize for week five of Nuffnang Project Alpha blog writing contest. The RM100 voucher at TGIF expires on 16th November and I have only today or Sunday only to go to the city. The weather was not very sunny and signs of raining shows when we are at Lot 10. I always make a point to go to KL city centre on public transport which is more economical compared to driving my car. I saved time and money and the stress of being behind the wheel can be avoided. After all my destination is not far from the nearest Monorail station.
The Pavillion is already in the Christmas mood. The entrance is lined with giant Christmas trees behind Santa Claus’s sledge. However I can’t see Santa on it. When my son asked where is Santa, I told him that Santa is inside the Pavillion shopping for present to be distributed on Christmas night. The Centre Court too where most of the public activities were also decorated. Their theme for this year’s celebration I think is Royale Christmas@Pavillion.
Upon entering the main entrance there is also another Santa Claus’s sledge parked but Santa is nowhere to be seen. Just his golden sledge and the deer left.
Dining at International Cuisine Restaurant is a once in a blue moon experience for me not because of  unfamiliar to foreign taste but budget wise. I consider dining in such places are lifestyle of the affordables (not lifetyle of the rich and famous) and I do not fall into that category. Well, I came out with that tag after hanging around at level three- the Al Fresco Dining level.
TGIF @ Pavillion is located on level 6 where there are International Cuisine Restaurants. As we are being seated by the hostess and shown the menu, I reconfirm my new found connotation Lifestyle of the Affordables. The price on the menu just does not fit my pocket and budget. However since I am holding a RM100 dining voucher, I was calculating on what to order that will suit the value of the voucher. Since I do not have the experience of dining at such restaurants, We took some time to make up our mind of what to eat. While choosing the menu, my eyes were looking at the price of each item. Of course, if I were to spend my own money, I don’t think I will be willing to patronise that kind of restaurants. I can’t afford such price tag. After much consideration, at last I made my choice and called the waiter.
These are what we ordered
1 Grill Salmon    RM35.90
1 Grill Lamb       RM 28.90
1 Kid Burger Steak RM 11.00

1 Large Mango Juice RM 7.90
1 Large Pineapple Juice RM 7.90
1 Kid Vanilla Milk Shake RM 7.90
3 mini Mocha Latte Dessert @ 9.90 (usual RM 3.90 per unit)
Subtotal 109.40
10% Service Charge RM 10.95
5% Govt Tax RM 5.47
Rounding Adjustment RM 0.02 –
Total 125.80
Minus the RM 100 voucher and I paid RM25.80 only. I got back a RM 25.00 change from my RM 50.00 bill and,  Waaa… discount 80 cents sumore…….

So you see the amount I spent for just one meal for three? Thats why I say its the lifestyle of the affordables.
That was one experience of dining at classy restaurants. Now my next experience will be another high tea experience at Sunway Hotel in Subang. I am still holding the High Tea Voucher with a RM300 value. Thats blogging money

When Its Food: Kuala Lumpur; Truly Malaysia

The year end school holiday is just round the corner. It will be travelling time for most families since their school going children will be on a long leave until next year. For many of us its a holiday season even though many are not related. Its time for staffs to take year end holidays and work flowing at a slower pace.
I have been subscribing to this website, foodstreet and occasionally receives newsletters from them. The latest that came into my mail is this foodstreet Hooray! Long School Holiday Contest. So for bloggers posting entries for the Blog4FT contest have another opportunity of winning prizes by entering this food contest. Hmmmm, its eat and win.
This is what you have to do.

What one have to do is to patronise the participating restaurants and what else….eat la………
How to participate:

  • Step 1:
    Take a photo of you and/or your family/friend with course meal in any of our Hooray! Restaurants.
  • Step 2:
    Submit your entry. Read the contest mechanics carefully here.
  • Step 3:
    Get friends to love your entry. Those with highest votes win!

Malaysia is a food haven and in Kuala Lumpur there is everything about food under the Malaysian sky (even all over the world). I think I am not exxagerating if I were to say that Kuala Lumpur ; Truly Malaysia.

So, what are you waiting for? get your camera, go out and eat, snap pictures……

Did you ever heard people saying; ” In Malaysia nobody dies due to hunger but dies because of eating.”

LCCT Food Garden

Went to LCCT to send off my cousins who are flying back to Sabah. Did not park my car at the car park at LCCT but illegally on the road in front of the Pos Malaysia Cargo. Free of course.  On the way back, stop to have breakfast at the LCCT Food Garden. It is situated about 50 metres away from the terminal building. The place is quite comfortable compared to the outlets at the terminal where it is crowded especially at Asian Kitchen. 
Below is the view inside the Food Garden, spacious and comfy. Here one can have the popular Nasi Campur, Nasi Padang and Nasi Kandar. For those who saviour KFC, can also satisfy your appetite at the Finger Lickin’ Good outlet within the garden.

I ate this Nasi Padang with a piece of beef,  a piece of pergedil and some vegetable. 

This is the bill

I think the price of food here is fair and quite cheap compared at the terminal. atok vlog

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