Facebook Messenger Going Primitive On Smartphones

Many social media fans using Facebook for chats besides the usual postings and comments on someone’e post. With Facebook Chats one can even make video calls and receive messages, files and links.

However on mobile gadgets especially on Android platform, Messenger had been separated from Facebook and stand alone. Facebook users will have two different applications, Facebook and Messenger. Anyone receiving notification that he has a message waiting will have to install and use messenger or else he will not be able to view and respond to the incoming messages unless he has Messenger apps installed.

The worst part of using Facebook Messenger on mobile gadget is that one can’t logout or switch user. It a bad move by Facebook for users on mobile phones.

I am sure many users do not agree to such characteristics of the upgraded Messenger because it removes privacy and confidentiality.

Anyone who borrow and use the phone will be able to sneak into the messenger and read it. There might be some important or private discussions in it. Internet users are always advised to logout from their profiles after surfing to avoid being infected by virus, malware or hackers but the inability to logout of Facebook Messenger conflicts this security advice.

I have read the FAQ on how to logout but it stated that user can’t logout. The only way is to uninstall and reinstall if you want to switch user. What a primitive way to deal with modern technology.

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