New Lead To MH370?

It was reported on Astro Awani Facebook that a police report was made in Sandakan of a supposedly MH370 plane crash site on an island in Southern Philippines. It was reported that a few hunters stumble upon a plane wreckage with Malaysian flag on it.

Where is Sugbay Island?

Map of Sugbay Island south of Philippines and East of Sabah
Map of Sugbay Island south of Philippines and East of Sabah

The police report was made in Sandakan by Jamil Omar on Friday.

According to Jalaludin, Jamil claimed his aunt Siti Kayam had stumbled upon the aircraft wreckage on Sugbay Island, Tawi-Tawi.

“Jamil claimed his aunt had entered the aircraft wreckage which had many human skeletons and bones. She also found a Malaysian flag measuring 70 inches long and 35 inches wide,” he said.- Astro Awani

Whether its really MH370 remains to be confirmed.

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MH370 Debris Found?

In the latest development of the missing MH370 flight en route to China that went missing from radar in May 2014, debris believed to be from the aircraft was found on an island in the Indian Ocean, French Island of Reunion.

La Reunion
Google map showing location of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean

The Telegraph reported that wreckage found was believed to be moving part on the wing called a flaperon, that might be from the missing Boeing 777.


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A Flaperon is is a type of aircraft control surface that combines aspects of both flaps and ailerons. In addition to controlling the roll or bank of an aircraft, as do conventional ailerons, both flaperons can be lowered together to function similarly to a dedicated set of flaps. Both ailerons could also be raised, which would give spoilerons. – Wikipedia

MH370 wing

‘Weird thing on the shore’: The 6ft-long wing flap, which experts believe comes from a Boeing 777 like the Malaysian Airlines plane, was half covered in sand and had barnacles encrusted on its edges when it was found by Mr Begue and his team of beach cleaners

Read The Daily Mail HERE

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Xavier Tytelman‘s who tweeted about the flaperon found then was picked up and quoted by a few news portals. @WIRED  published as They must have found a peice of MH370. Read HERE.

MH370 Debris
MH370 Debris

Xavier 1


Read more of Xavier’s Tweet HERE and HERE. 

What does “BB670” mean?

The code will prove vital in identifying the aircraft and could help to verify the source of the debris within 24 hours. The code is believed to be a tag, or part of a tag, placed by manufacturers on parts of an aircraft to help identify it. The code could be a part number or serial number or bar code. – Telegraph

After news of the Flaperon found, another news appeared about a damaged suitcase also found.

Le Journal


Beach cleaner Johnny Begue has spoken of the moment he stumbled across plane wreckage on La Reunion island, sparking speculation that it belonged to MH370. He is pictured with a shredded suitcase he also found on the beach which is also thought to have from the doomed jet

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All photos are picked up from the internet and credited to the source.

However it has still to be determined whetner the debris found came from the ill-fated MH370 or other aircraft.

Even when MH 370 wreckages had been founf it is still far from answering why the aircraft went mysteriously missing.

Read the recall on the MH370 mysterious missing.

Dailymail UK also republished the theories of the missing MH370 HERE.×250

Still Theories of Missing MH370

It seems not many people are talking about the missing MH370 now after it went missing on 8th Mac 2014. Many maybe had already forgot about the tragedy that pull attention of the whole world and on the other side made Malaysia known to the world. Malaysia had already promised to search for the missing plane without any time limit until it is found. So what really happen to Flight MH370, is still a mystery for most of us but maybe not for certain people.

This video by anonymous published on SecretsOf ThefFed dot com still concentrate around what had been speculated since the early days of the missing Flight MH370 that is conspiracy.

It was speculated with John Rothschild’s name mentioned and the relation to 20 Freescale employees of engineers on board the missing plane. However MAS refuse to release the cargo manifest but beating around with mangoosteens and Lithium Ion batteries.

If you have the time watch this 8:08 minute video and especially from the 7:00 minute mentioning about Rothschild.

MH370 News Collected – Updating Post

This post will be updated from time to time based on new information obtained from any sources online. It will be a collectible of information about the ill-fated MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that went missing on 8th March 2014 Come back often for latest updates. This post only concentrates on the mystery of the missing plane.


What were the 2 tonnes? Lithium batteries weighed less than 200 kg.The Star 3rd May 2014

BALIK PULAU: The lithium ion batteries are back in the centre of the MH370 controversy.

According to NNR Global Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in Batu Maung, the batteries formed only a small part of a “consolidated” shipment weighing 2.453 tonnes.

The batteries weighed less than 200kg, a company spokesman said. He would not say what the remaining 2.253 tonnes of cargo was.

Experts Think The  Missing Malaysia Jet Recordings Were EditedThe Malaysian Insider

Voice experts believe that the audio recordings from missing Malaysia jet 370 were edited, according to Elizabeth Chuck of NBC News.

At least two different audio sources recorded the tapes, the experts concluded, and one of those recordings may have been a digital recorder held up to a speaker.


MH370 In Memory – Assumed Ended In South Indian Ocean

It was confirmed by Prime minister that the missing flight MH370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean. The confirmation was based on data by British Inmarsat satelite.  Inmarsat and AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch)concluded that Boeing 777-200 flew south and her last position was in the middle of Indian Ocean.

Full Press Statement by Prime Minister 

MH370_missing BW atok vlog

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