Bye Bye Trend Micro

I thought buying a new Internet Security protection as a change can still make me  at ease when surfing the internet. However I was wrong. All these years I have been protected by Karspesky but after the last Kaspersky Tech Titan expired, I thought I want to make some change in protection. The normal practice for Malaysians in Klang Valley to congregate at Low Yatt Plaza where you can find anything tech.

Shopping around for the best price, I go for Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security.

The prelude to my “nightmare” with Trend Micro begins when I tried to install it on my laptop since my PC still is still being protected by Kaspersky and I need to uninstall it first. I forget the password and can’t uninstall it. However Kaspersky responded to my email on how to uninstall it.

Installation on my PC succeeded but not on my laptop for the second user licence. Everytime my effort ended with this Error Code


Then I roped in my hacker friend but he too gave up and recommended me make a U turn to Kaspersky. Of course I emailed to Trend Micro Malaysia but was asked to call the hotline. I called the hotline but was attended by a English speaking guy which I found out later the number directed me to Trend Micro Philippines. He gave me the solution but as usual came to a dead end.

I still tried and tried and then it was successful but attached with a new problem. I can’t scan or modify the settings. Again I emailed the guy John, about the new problem and he replied with the solution. Uninstall and make some modification to the basic settings which I did. However it still ended with the Error #1603, 3002, OxeO1a00c. After a few more tries, then the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I gave up.

I downloaded Kaspersky online and buy the 1PC Licence. Since I had already installed the Trial copy that I downloaded, and with the licence number keyed in, my Internet Security is protecting me in less than 5 minutes from I press Enter.

When trying to look for greener pasture, it doesn’t mean that the new pasture is better than what you have.

I was surprised when I was told that there is no technician at Trend Micro Malaysia who can give hands on solution to my problem. Last year when I have installation problem, I was asked to take my laptop to Kaspersky Malaysia Office and let their technician see whats the problem. So it seems Trend micro Malaysia is just interested in selling but not embarking on after sales service.

I know a bit here and there about the technicalities of the computer but what about those who are really blank about it? After Sales service is the most important department in any product supplied or sold by the dealers and should not be neglected. atok vlog

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