Apakah habit anda untuk melabel bagasi khususnya jika anda hendak menaiki kapalterbang untuk ke destinasi anda. Ada orang yang bimbang jika bagasinya hilang semasa bagasi diuruskan oleh pihak lapangan terbang meletakkan info lengkap agar jika bagasi hilang pihak bertanggungjawab boleh menghantar ke alamat yang terdapat pada tag bagasi.

Sebenarnya ia merbahaya.

Apa-apa juga maklumat yang membolehkan seseorang/kumpulan yang berniat jahat dapat mengesan lokasi rumah/pejabat anda adalah lead kepada mereka. Malah pernah ada nasihat agar pass check in penerbangan pun perlu tidak wajar dimuatnaik ke media sosial kerana ia boleh mendedahkan maklumat sulit kepada pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Dengan teknologi hari ini, ruang untuk penjenayah melaksanakan jenayah mereka cukup luas dengan lead yang mencukupi.

Baru-baru ini viral di Whatsapp satu mesej dari British Airways menasihatkan semua penumpang penerbangan berhati-hati dengan tag bagasi mereka. Sila baca di bawah:

Tentu anda tidak mahu terjebak kan?

WMY2014 – Just MYPass 4 Ur Convenience

MYPass for the convenience of travelling and shopping in Malaysia
MYPass for the convenience of travelling and shopping in Malaysia

I still remember when I visited Hong Kong in 2003 and 2004, I bought an Octopus Card to use while travelling on public transport and shopping at selected outlets and mostly I used it at 7 Eleven. Its very convenient especially for tourist since not much cash need to be carried around. Its a “domestic card” use besides the normal Credit or Debit Card.

Malaysia too is now moving toward using pre loaded plastic money for the convenience of both locals and tourists. Its the MYPass. Malaysia is quite lucky because the short form for Malaysia is MY and hence its means a lot to be the owner that shows personal.  MYPass can be purchased by tourist arriving at KLIA or LCCT and is also available at KL Central in the city. MYPass is sold at RM38.00 and preloaded RM10.00.

How does it works?

How DoesxMYPass Works
How DoesxMYPass Works

MYPass is a prepaid and discount flash card issued by Touch ‘n Go, Malaysia’s leading e-payment service provider. MYPass can be used to pay for products and services wherever the Touch ‘n Go sign is displayed. This includes KL’s public transport, retail stores, F&B, theme parks, attractions and more.

The card can be reloaded from as low as RM10 and up to a maximum of RM1,500 at convenience stores, transit stations, petrol stations and selected retail outlets.

Your MYPass card also comes with discount vouchers – simply present the card along with the voucher to enjoy discounts and other exclusive benefits.


Once purchased, customer can register MYPass to protect the card balance against theft or loss. Registration can be made HERE.

MyPass outlet

Tourist leaving the country can claim for a refund of the balance from the locations listed below or alternatively can download theironline refund request form and your balance will be transferred to you. Go HERE.

MYPass Refund

You can Follow MYPass on Twitter @mypassmalaysia


MYPass Malaysia Careline

6 May 2007- KLIA 2 Sandakan

I am at KLIA on my way to Sandakan. This is my second trip to Sandakan and the last was in December 2006. Arrived at KLIA at 7.50 in the morning and KL is raining. The driver did not take me through the normal tolled highway but a shorter route through Cyberjaya. The road goes towards Dengkil and of course its FREE. It is shorter and travelling time is shorter too. The first time I travel on the road was after seeing my wife fly to Kota Kinabalu last March. I will be flying on MH 2708 at 0900 hrs.

Sandakan is the second largest town in Sabah. When I was serving in Sabah in the 70s, I step on Sandakan soil twice. First it was a cultural troupe visit when I was active in theatre. We represented our district for the Sabah level competition for selection to represent Sabah to National competition. The second was in 1979 as a coach to the Pantai Barat Utara contingent. I was with the track and field team for the Sabah School Sports Council meet.

To be updated……. atok vlog

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