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ImageA few days before I write this post, I was alerted by my relative who is working at the Consulate in Kunming about this Malaysian family’s homebound adventure who left Coventry city where they had been living for seven years and heading to Kubang Pasu in Kedah, where they originate.


Only then I remembered that I had written a post about their challenge to come home overland on my blog HERE. You can visit their Facebook Page to read about their journey written by Sofinee, wife of Jamal Ismail, 44 who drives their campervan. Together on the journey are their four kids.

ImageClick on their Facebook Page to read the diaries of their journey and see beautiful pictures throughout their journey. The family is expected to reach Bukit Kayu Hitam on 14th December 2013. Well wishers can greet them at the border to congratulate the success of their feat to drive home overland on their 1998 Mercedes Sprinter motorhome, that has been their home since 13 July 2013.

Note: All photos on this post was taken from their ByRoadtoMalaysia Facebook Page.

HOT!!!! What If It Does Not Collapse?

Terengganu had earned a new nickname immediately after part of the roof of Stadium Sultan Mizan collapsed and then followed by other building and structures.The news that part of the wall of a building in Bandar Darulaman Jitra collapsed on October 8th but thanks god there is no casualty.  The building is a wholesale store belonging to CMart.

CMart in Bandar Darulaman Jitra collapsed
CMart in Bandar Darulaman Jitra collapsed

The store starts operating last August to cater for the Bandar Darulaman community including Jitra and the surroundings. I think everybody have all smile when it opens including the authorities. Now when tragedy strucks, only we know that the building was illegaly used. This was mentioned by the Kubang Pasu Municipal Council President, Encik Zahari Ismail. What if the building stays intact and nothing happens. Will we know that the building was illegal?

According to Zahari, it was supposed to be just for storage purposes in their license and not a shopping mall. The location of the building is very visible in the new Bandar Darulaman Industrial area and definitely the community of Jitra and Bandar Darulaman are aware of its existence as a wholesale mart since it starts operating when Muslims are preparing for their Hari Raya Aidil Fitri last August. Why then does the Kubang Pasu Municipal Council did not take any action. I am sure staffs and officers of the council had patronise the store since it was opened and is it not surprising the council was not aware about the licence?

What if the collapsed wall causes death? Nobody except the owner of the building and the Kubang Pasu Municipal Council Officers knew that the building violate its licence  but action was not taken then and activities within the building operates without a CF. Now will there be scapegoats? Watch this video about the building regulations. After watching the video, whats your view and comments.



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