It was an opportunity for me to get an invite to a site visit and do preview for them. what more if the invitation is for some task of international company. The opportunity came when I receive an email from Millenium Associates for a site visit to  LEGOLAND® Malaysia at Nusajaya, in Iskandar Malaysia Johor. The first visit was done on 30th March 2012 and the latest on 25th April 2012. The first visit I had the pleasure of being together with two prominent blogger who  blogs at and another one We took off from Subang Skypark on an early flight and return in the evening. 

The last visit was on Airasia when we had the experience of plane being delayed before takeoff and when all passengers was already on board. Then we came to know that Sultan Ibrahim International Airport, in Senai was closed due to bad weather. It was actually due to visibility problem that can pose landing threats to aircraft. However we arrived just in time for the Media Briefing by the General Manager, Mr Siegfried Boerst, whom I met on both visits. 

The main purpose of the briefing was to announce the official Grand Opening Date of the first such theme park in Asia and the sixth in the world. Inspired by Asia’s love affair with all thing LEGO®, the 76 acres theme park will cater for kids from 2 to 12 years of age who can enjoy more than 40 rides and attractions, from roller coasters to race cars as well as family-focused interactive shows.

In his speech Mr Siegfried said, “Our official opening date has been something we’ve had a lot of enquiries from the public on since the park broke ground in December 2009. I’m pleased to announce that due to the hard work of all of our contractors we will now be opening LEGOLAND Malaysia ahead of schedule by a number of months. We hope that with today’s news families and tour operators will begin planning their trips to visit us and we look forward to giving you an experience like no other in Asia. Rather appropriately we will be opening the day before Malaysia Day which happens to be a long weekend!”  

As on our second visit, the park was already almost 75% finished with most of the rides and infrastructure installed. Theming of the park was done by the contractor last month in May, installing of the 50 million LEGO® bricks and model into the park. 

When the park opens it doors, special discounted passes will be available 

During the briefing, Mr Boerst also announced that the official park single-day tickets will go on sale online later in May.  It will be priced at a special introductory offer of RM96 (SGD40) for adults and RM70 (SGD29) for kids.


Prior to the opening date, these single-day tickets will be available from the LEGOLAND Malaysia Road Show tour which starts on 25th April 2012 at Vivo City in Singapore. Tickets will also be available in Johor every weekend from 2pm to 7pm at the Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre (IMIC) in Danga Bay.

 The 30% discount will be for a limited period only, so avid LEGOLAND fans are advised to keep a close eye on the LEGOLAND Malaysia website for announcements.

Annual passes too will still remain available through SISTIC & RedTix eventhough over 35,000 passes have been sold across the region since its launch in December 2011. Watch out for the roadshows organised by LEGOLAND Malaysia where you can purchase your special single-day ticket and enjoy the excitement when they are still fresh from the oven. 


During the Media Briefing, LEGOLAND Malaysia announced that they had signed a management agreement to build LEGOLAND® Hotel next to the park and is expected to be open in early 2014. The opening of the hotel can further help creating an integrated destination resort experience for families, allowing them to spend longer quality time together while exploring and enjoying the LEGOLAND Malaysia offerings and the region.

Kids in most parts of Asia has been growing with LEGO® bricks and LEGOLAND Malaysia is creating this relevency whereby in a modern, fast-paced world which is dominated by digital gadgets, LEGOLAND Malaysia offers unique opportunities for families to bond and gives them the ability to impart valuable and meaningful lessons and life skills, which are becoming more and more precious.

What separates LEGOLAND Malaysia from the crowd is interactivity and participation, to stimulate the
imagination and creativity of our children. The sheer excitement of the experience is bound to have
infectious results and allow kids to share the values with their friends and peers.

The values that LEGOLAND espouse: Imagination, creativity, fun, learning, care and quality represent the holistic attributes that park goers will experience.


Merlin entertainment first signed the management agreement with Iskandar Investment Board in December 2008 and ground-breaking started in December 2009. In December 2011, the first steelworks structure that is the LEGO TECHNIC TEST TRACKS was unveiled and discounted Annual Passes went on sale in through Redtix in January 2012. 

And on 25th April 2012, to the Media from Malaysia and Singapore and bloggers present, The General Manager proudly announced the……………


Photos of the visit HERE.

Read also my posting HERE and HERE 


Legoland Malaysia – A Theme Park Round The corner

Many has visited and have fun at theme parks but by end of 2012 Malaysia is going to witness the opening of new theme park of a different kind when Legoland Malaysia open its gate to the public, expected in October 2012. With the presence of the new theme park, Malaysia should also be proud as the theme park is the sixth Legoland in the world and the first in Asia. Being Lego inspired the theme park will display the close relation between Lego bricks and human not only for children but adult alike. Legoland Malaysia is not just another theme park but it comes with a difference since it will promote the versatility of Lego bricks as a creative, fun and adventure experience for the whole family because Legoland means

Therefore going to Legoland is not just fun but also a learning experience besides promoting bonding of family ties using common playing tools. The whole family can experience all rides and they are hands-on, which means you can push, pull, pedal, steer, program it, squirt, splash, crawl or climb. Its all a non stop activity and end when you are out of energy.

The theme park is manage by a successful and professional Entertainment company, Merlin Entertainment who operates 78 attractions worldwide and including Madame Tassauds, Eye of London, Sydney Tower eye and SKYWALK and Sydney Aquarium  to mention a few.

At the helm of Legoland Malaysia is Mr Siegfried Boerst, the General Manager whose family grew with LEGOLAND. With his passion for the theme park, we should be assured that LEGOLAND Malaysia will grow into another tourism product for Malaysia and at the same time boost the development of Iskandar Malaysia, one of the Economic Development Corridor for Malaysia.

General Manager LEGOLAND Malaysia Mr Siegfried

I and two other bloggers were invited by Millenium Associates on behalf of LEGOLAND to visit site and joined by a reporter from NST Johor when we arrive at Seri Medini, to witness first hand the growth of the theme park. We had the opportunity to meet the General Manager in person who briefed us about the progress of the project, his vision and expectation of LEGOLAND Malaysia. Well, as I mentioned earlier, and after listening to his briefing, personally I am confident the project will see its life as planned.

Our trip all the way from Subang was all with rain drizzling and until we enter the site. We met at Seri Medini and were greeted by Mr Siegfried Boerst, the General Manager who briefed us on the development of the project before leaving for the site.

From the viewing gallery on a slope within the park we could see quite a birds eye view of the whole park and with prominent structures all set up. The main landmark , the Observation Tower, standing at 60 metre is the tallest point in the entire theme park is into its finishing touches. The tower provides an excellent aerial view of all 7 themed areas and the 40 rides and attraction of LEGOLAND Malaysia. Visitors will be lifted to a height of 41 m and will be able to hold 50s visitors on each ride and 1,000 visitors every hour.

LEGOLAND Malaysia is the third theme park that host such tower besides LEGOLAND Denmark and LEGOLAND Deutschland.  High standards of safety is maintained and safety functions will be tested and approved by TUV Munich and DOSH authorities and a third inspection body prior to the opening of LEGOLAND Malaysia. Watch this timeline video of the erection of the tower.

Below is the park map and the seven theme areas that will host visitors a whole day of fun and excitement. Mr Siegfried did gave us a precious tip on how to make full utilization of the park without wasting time and energy. As you can see from the park map below all six theme radiates from the Miniland. So, to shift from one theme to another just take the train. A full journey on the train gives you full access to all themes around it. Thats smart planning, Uhh……?.

Click for larger image

Tickets is already on sale and can be bought online  HERE. Pre opening ticket sales can be purchased too and it will be sold for a limited period. According to Mr Siegfried, those who buy this pre opening Annual Pass will actually get 15 months duration of entry because it will expire only in December 2013.

 With such rate, visitors will be able to enjoy the thrills of the the LEGO TECHNIC Test track

SEVEN theme areas for the entire family and 40 rides. Last not least as a souvenir visitor can get their own Minifigure of Legoland to take home for remembrance. Opening hours for all areas is from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, except Wednesday. On school holidays or public holidays the opening will be extended. However all Qs for rides ends at 6.00 and all those still in line will have their opportunity to ride.
During the visit, I took some video clips using my Fujifilm JX420 compact digital camera and of course the quality is not up to the mark but still you can get a glimpse of the theme park as at 31st March 2012, about 6 month away before opening the door to visitors. According to Mr Siegfried, its already 65% ready, some are ahead of schedule and some a few weeks back. But thats normal for a large scale project.
An amateur video from me

Some Facts about the park

  • Covers and area of 75 acres and presently only 31 acres is being developed consisting of 7 theme 

The Beginning where your fun and adventure begins. And before you leave stopover at The Big  Shop that offer the largest selection of Lego Toys to take home as remembrance. 

Imagination for true Lego fans to play with Lego Bricks and games,

Land of Adventure, a journey through forgotten city’s ancient temple and ruins and for the brave to 
test their courage at Dino Island
Miniland mesmerize yourself with replicas of famous landmark built with Lego pieces including the
tallest structure in the world build with Lego bricks and pieces. Also take the train if you want to save 
your energy. 
Lego City where kids can captain a boat and get driver’s licence.
Lego Technic test your courage on TECHNIC Test Track with razor sharp turns and drops before
power son Aquazone Wave Riders.
Lego Kingdom where you can Conquer The Dragon (errr……., 2012 is year of the Dragon in the 
Chinese Calendar) 
  • 50 million LEGO bricks to build all models
  • 15,000 LEGO models are being built for LEGOLAND Malaysia
  • Lego Petronas Twin Tower will be the tallest structure in the world build with Lego Bricks. It will stand at 9 metres. 
  • Other replicas build with Lego pieces includes Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Singapore’s Merlion, Angkor Wat and other Malaysian landmarksicons including KLIA and KL Tower.

At this blogging time the theme park is still not visible on Google map since this venue is new while Google map Imagery date was on 1-11-2010 but you can try this GPS Co-ordinates: 1º 26’ 14″ N 103º 37’ 2″ to pinpoint the location. 

However this guide from iskandarproject can be of help. Legoland Malaysia accessed through three routes:

Route 1
From the north via the Kuala Lumpur/Tuas link. From the North-South Highway, take exit 253 to Tuas/Nusajaya/Pontian/Tanjung Pelepas(this exit follows after the Kulaijaya/Kota Tinggi exit) and proceed to Lima Kedai Toll and proceed to Pulai Interchange. Drive straight until you see the Exit (312) to Gelang Patah and take the exit to Kota Iskandar. You should see the signboard to Johor Legoland before reaching Kota Iskandar.

Route 2
From Johor Bahru via the Coastal Highway. Take the new Coastal Highway to Nusajaya/Kota Iskandar from Taman Perling side. Proceed straight after the Toll House and take the exit showing Kota Iskandar. You will reach Johor Legoland before reaching Kota Iskandar.

Route 3
From Singapore via the Tuas second link and proceed to Gelang Patah interchange and take Exit 213 to Legoland and Kota Iskandar.

Anything Else?

Since it is just about 20 minutes via Tuas second link, it means Singaporeans and if you visit Singapore can even make a day trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia for your funfilled educational outing with your family.

According to Mt Siegfried, LEGOLAND Malaysia has future plan to build the LEGOLAND Hotel and the Water Park will be in the next phase of development.

Phone: +6 07 597 8888 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +6 07 597 8888      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Last but not least Welcome to 

Credit: All photos and graphics provided by LEGOLAND Malaysia except of course the professional amateur video clip belongs to this blogger. More pics HERE

See Ya at LEGOLAND Malaysia………………. 

Destination Legoland Malaysia

This is a preamble to my future posting, if God Willing, about my visit to the soon to be opened Legoland Malaysia at Nusajaya, Johor. The new tourism landmark will be the first such attraction in Asia and sixth in the world. It is expected to be open end 2012. Legoland is owned and operated by a British Theme Park Company Merlin Entertainment. 
Merlin Entertainment operates the theme park at other five locations namely;
Legoland Windsor (Windsor, England, United Kingdom)

I and many more bloggers, I presume, were invited by Millenium Associates on behalf of Legoland Malaysia to a site visit and witness the growing process and as a countdown to its launching in six months. We will be given an opportunity to witness the park come to life. However if you are anxious to get a sneak peek about Legoland click HERE and HERE for the Malaysian site atok vlog

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