Malaysia Airlines – The Way I See It As A Passenger

Malaysian Airlines
Malaysian Airlines


I can’t remember when was the last time I fly on Malaysian Airlines (MAS) since my organization changed our travels to Airasia. It was in the mid 90s. Since then I had no opportunity to fly on MAS until recently.

Mot much changes on the outfit of MAS except with the addition of new plane to its fleet and changes on their body paints.

I saw this original MAS paintwork on one of their aircraft at Kuching airport with their original Wau Bulan Logo. It is a good idea to keep this original design as a nostalgic monuments in the history of Malaysia Airlines after their separation from Malaysia singapore Airlines in 1972

Original Desing on Malaysian Airlines Plane
Original Design on Malaysian Airlines Plane
among ther earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design
Among the earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design – Photo from Going Places April 1997

During my last flight to and fro Kota Kinabalu from KLIA I was ware the changes in crew attires and also the interior finishing of their new fleet pf boeing 737-800. I fly Malindoair to Kuching two weeks before and both on the same type of aircraft. MAS had changed from their batik motif seats to the leather look with tone of maroon (on the plan I was on) Not sure if all their 737-800 fleets has the same colouring.

Meals on board not much changes only that the present caterer is Brahim’s istead of MAS Catering. Well, is MAS Catering still in business? with Brahim’s, the Briyani Chicken was superb and the smell caught the nostrils immediately when the crew starts preparing to serve when the seatbelt sign was switched off. I did not take any pictures of the meal sets since there not much difference from the last.

Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment
Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment

When I was on Malindoair flight earlier I thought they had outsmart MAS but my thoughts was wrong. In fact maybe all Boeing 737-800 comes with inflight entertainment facilities.  So if your mobile gadget is running out of battery juice, just remember to bring along your USB cable to charge and of course its included in your airfare.

With the entertainment screen in front of every passenger, there is no more opportunity for SOME male passengers especially to voyeur on the cabin crew demonstrating the safety procedures. (LOL)

There’s a selection of entertainment to suit all passenger if not 100%. Movies, Music, Cartoon all in the package. There is also the Quran on screen if you want to read the Quran while in flight. Musics include most genres including Nasyid and after finishing The Heat acted by Sandra Bullock, I entertain myself with Nasyid number from Maher Zain. flying on MAS will now not be a boring one unless you want to doze off all the way.

FYI, I still keep this copy of Going Places, a special Wings of gold Commemorative Issue for 50th anniversary of Malaysia Airlines. I know it will be an antic publication many-many years to come and I will keep it for monetary purpose. I have two copies of the issue, but trying to locate where’s the other one.


Adventure Seekers – AWE2013

Adventure World Expo 2013
Adventure World Expo 2013

Mark your date from 19 – 20 October 2013 – The 2nd Adventure World Expo (AWE) 2013 sets out to being one of the exclusive and official sports and travel expo aiming to achieve many firsts in outdoor adventure sports exhibitions showcase in Malaysia and also internationally.
‘Motivation, Inspiration and Challenge’ are the focus of this year’s Adventure World Expo as it represents the core values of sports enthusiast and adventure seekers in achieving great heights in their specific areas and activities.
AWE2013 will be the best platform to connect avid sports enthusiast and first time adventurers in Malaysia and all across Asia to get not only information on the available sports activities but also to get great deals and offers on products and packages offered.



Kuching Revisited – India Street

Indian and Chinese towns can be found almost in every major towns and cities. This showed how determined people from these two descendants are willing to travel to search for greener pastures away from their comfort zones.

Kuching is not spared since there is a street dedicated to this community. Its the India Street in the heart of Kuching.

India Street in Kuching
India Street in Kuching

As the name implies, you can buy goods from Indian and Indian businessman along the road that has been turned into pedestrian mall.

India Street in Kuching
India Street in Kuching

India Street, Kuching

India Street, kuchingIndia Street, KuchingFor map of the location GO HERE


My First Experience On Malindoair

Malindoair is the new kid on the block budget airline in Malaysia. It took to the sky in mid March 2013 with its tagline “Not just Low cost“. Malindoair is a venture of two parent companies- the National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI) of Malaysia and Lion Air from Indonesia.

During my recent flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, I can see that the new service can really attract passengers from other airline in the country. During the first month of operations, Malindoair had served 50,000 passengers and doubled in the second months. The article that appeared in Convergence’s Aug-Sept Issue 2013 mentioned that it has already served close to 170,000 passenger. Malindoair operates from KLIA and also Subang Skypark.

Malindoair is a cross between a full service airline and low cost one, creating a new class of airline. It has Economy class and also Business Class. The comfort of the economy class is in its 32 inches spaces between seats and gives ample leg room, in-house movies and even snacks that can compete with other budget airlines. They has a fleet of 7 planes – 2 ATR 42/72 turbo props planes and 5 Boeing 737s

Check in was at counter F 14 – F16 on Level 5 that is the Departure Level.


Whats inside? Bring along your headphone and listen to music or the sounds of the in house movie you are watching during flight. If your phone or mobile gadget is running out of battery get your USB charging cable and plug in to the port below the screen in front of you.

View from seat 33F on Malindoair
View from seat 33F on Malindoair
Malindoair LCD Screen for In House Entertainment
Malindoair LCD Screen for In House Entertainment


K-Pop Star Hunt Malaysia

The hunt was held recently at Berjaya Times Square on 21st September 2013 to search for Malaysian Representatives. Large number of aspiring contestants participated to realize their dreams of becoming professional singers – K pop style.

Putri Norizah and Ryan Thoo rose above all other finalists and emerged as the top two winners at the K-Pop Star Hunt S3 Malaysia Audition. The duo will represent Malaysia to train at the renowned Korean artiste management company, FNC Entertainment, with 14 other contestants across the region including Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand as well as Indonesia, a new addition to this year’s K-Pop Star Hunt. Together, they will battle it out to be crowned the ultimate winner of the talent reality series.

Finalist Putri
Putri Norizah, Finalist at Malaysia’s K-Pop Star Hunt

The hunt for Malaysia’s representatives at the K-Pop Star Hunt 3 kicked off with the call for online video submissions on 1 August, followed by walk-in auditions held at Berjaya Times Square from 11am till 1pm. All selected participants then went through a second audition from 2pm till 6pm. Eventually, two contestants emerged triumphant, winning the hearts of the judges with their talent and passion for K-pop.

Finalist Ryan & Putri 2
Putri Norizah and Ryan Thoo rose above all finalist to represent Malaysia to train at the renowned Korean artiste management company, FNC Entertainment, with 14 other contestants across the region including Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand as well as Indonesia
K Pop Star Hunt in Malaysia
    K Pop Star Hunt in Malaysia

Both Ryan and Putri will fly to Seoul in mid-October 2013 to train under FNC Entertainment. Regarded as one of the top tier agencies in South Korea, FNC Entertainment has churned out the likes of Korean music powerhouses like CNBLUE, Juniel, FT Island and AOA. After the weekly elimination rounds, the top 4 finalists will be heading to Singapore for a special final showcase concert for one last performance upon which the winner will be decided.

The ultimate winner of Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3 will be offered a contract deal with CJ E&M and FNC Entertainment and undergo intensive training to be a K-pop singer. He/she also stands a chance to collaborate with artists from FNC Entertainment and make a stage appearance on 2014 Global M! Countdown with his/her own debut single.


To witness the contestants’ journey to stardom, stay tuned to Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3 which will premiere on 30 November 2013, Every Saturday at 9.00pm exclusively on Channel M HD, HyppTV Channel 601.


Isteri MatYeo Maki Hamun Pengawal -Update

Hari ini tersebar dalam Faebook video isteri pemain bolasepak Johor DT asal dari Kelantan tu, memaki hamun Pengawal Keselamatan.

Sedih juga tengok perangai seorang wanita yang masih muda memaki hamun seorang orang tua yang mungkin sama usia dengan bapanya sendiri. Dapat juga dilihat kelibat pemain Kelantan itu dalam rakaman tersebut. LIHAT VIDEO SINI

Sesiapa yang mendengar pun akan rasa kesal dengan sikap isteri pemain bola tersebut kerana Pengawal Keselamatan itu hanya menjalankan tugasnya menjamin keselesaan orang ramai.

Janganah anggap dia pemain bolasepak terkenal, ada keistemewaan tersendiri.


Susulan penyebaran video berkenaan, isteri Norsharul telah memohon maaf kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Siti Aisyah dan Norsharul Idlan Talaha
Siti Aisya Adam dan Norsharul Idlan Talaha. Foto diambil dari SINI

Kuala Lumpur: “Dengan rasa rendah diri, saya minta maaf kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia atas tindakan saya sehingga menimbulkan kemarahan semua pihak.

“Saya percaya, kebenaran kes ini akan terbongkar. Tolong jangan hukum saya tanpa mengetahui apa yang berlaku,” kata Siti Aisya Adam, 24, isteri kepada pemain bola sepak negara, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, ketika mengulas mengenai video dia bergaduh dengan pengawal keselamatan kini tersebar luas. Baca SINI selanjutnya.