First Man Landed on The Sun Against 5G Internet

Did you read the news that North Korea had sent the first man to land on the sun? Don’t believe me man can land on the sun? Read it HERE. I know most of us will be ROTFL but believe me. Look the screen capture of the news over TV. Image

The total trip will take only 17 hours before the shuttle safely lands back on earth where Gong is expected to receive a hero’s welcome. The best part is he supposedly was able to stay alive by traveling under the cover of darkness because the only way to travel to the sun is to go at night to not get burned and he is going to bring back sun spot samples for his uncle; the dear leader“. Hey! Please don’t laugh. Its serious. Period.

On the other side of the border, well of course a more real to earth news was announced. South Korea plans to launch 5G service in 2017 where a 800Mb file can be downloaded in 1 seconds. So this will be another speed challenge between East and West? We have witness the war between Samsung and Apple and now who will be the first to ride the internet on 5G spectrum.

4G is already running around and still at its kids stage and will take sometimes before it matures into an adolescent. mind you. It will not be able to reach adult because technology develops at a very fast speed. Realise that some areas are still having a fun day with 3G when 4G arrives and created another speed fest? South Korea has been running 4G as commercial service since 2010, mind you.

South Korea aims to roll out the service in 2017 and made available to everyone by 2020. In terms of speed, the difference between 4G and 5G is massive. An 800MB file typically takes 40 seconds to download over a 4G connection. On 5G that will be cut to just 1 second.

Of course better services comes with a higher price tag and a $1.5 billion investment is required to get the project off the ground. SK Telecom and Korea Telecom have been named as potential partners, but it is thought LG and Samsung may also help with the funding. After all, Samsung has already experimented with 5G and achieved a 1Gbps data transfer.

With such speed available, we can expect to have access to 4K video streaming services alongside not having to wait for any website to load. atok vlog

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