Nasi Lemak Telanjang – MAS Bersikap Positif

Saya ingin mengucapkan syabas kepada pihak Malaysian Airlines System kerana mengambil sikap positif terhadap komen terbuka Chef Wan pasal Nasi Lemak yang dihidangkan di dalam penerbangannya. Baca SINI.  Isu ini bermula apabila Chef wan yang dalam penerbangan ke Bangkok dan dalam penerbangan itu menu yang dihidangkan ialah Nasi Lemak. Seperti lazimnya Nasi Lemak pasti ada Telur Rebus, Sambal Ikan Bilis dan Hirisan mentimun. Namun dalam hidangan berkenaan cuma ada Telur rebus, Kacang  Tanah Goreng dan Sambal Ikan bilis sahaja. Itulah yang menyebabkan Chef Wan cakap Nasi Lemak Telanjang itu.


Artikal-artikal berkaitan

Have a nasi lemak ‘telanjang’, bon apetit

Malaysia Airlines – The Way I See It As A Passenger

Malaysian Airlines
Malaysian Airlines


I can’t remember when was the last time I fly on Malaysian Airlines (MAS) since my organization changed our travels to Airasia. It was in the mid 90s. Since then I had no opportunity to fly on MAS until recently.

Mot much changes on the outfit of MAS except with the addition of new plane to its fleet and changes on their body paints.

I saw this original MAS paintwork on one of their aircraft at Kuching airport with their original Wau Bulan Logo. It is a good idea to keep this original design as a nostalgic monuments in the history of Malaysia Airlines after their separation from Malaysia singapore Airlines in 1972

Original Desing on Malaysian Airlines Plane
Original Design on Malaysian Airlines Plane
among ther earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design
Among the earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design – Photo from Going Places April 1997

During my last flight to and fro Kota Kinabalu from KLIA I was ware the changes in crew attires and also the interior finishing of their new fleet pf boeing 737-800. I fly Malindoair to Kuching two weeks before and both on the same type of aircraft. MAS had changed from their batik motif seats to the leather look with tone of maroon (on the plan I was on) Not sure if all their 737-800 fleets has the same colouring.

Meals on board not much changes only that the present caterer is Brahim’s istead of MAS Catering. Well, is MAS Catering still in business? with Brahim’s, the Briyani Chicken was superb and the smell caught the nostrils immediately when the crew starts preparing to serve when the seatbelt sign was switched off. I did not take any pictures of the meal sets since there not much difference from the last.

Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment
Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment

When I was on Malindoair flight earlier I thought they had outsmart MAS but my thoughts was wrong. In fact maybe all Boeing 737-800 comes with inflight entertainment facilities.  So if your mobile gadget is running out of battery juice, just remember to bring along your USB cable to charge and of course its included in your airfare.

With the entertainment screen in front of every passenger, there is no more opportunity for SOME male passengers especially to voyeur on the cabin crew demonstrating the safety procedures. (LOL)

There’s a selection of entertainment to suit all passenger if not 100%. Movies, Music, Cartoon all in the package. There is also the Quran on screen if you want to read the Quran while in flight. Musics include most genres including Nasyid and after finishing The Heat acted by Sandra Bullock, I entertain myself with Nasyid number from Maher Zain. flying on MAS will now not be a boring one unless you want to doze off all the way.

FYI, I still keep this copy of Going Places, a special Wings of gold Commemorative Issue for 50th anniversary of Malaysia Airlines. I know it will be an antic publication many-many years to come and I will keep it for monetary purpose. I have two copies of the issue, but trying to locate where’s the other one.


Talking Malaysian Hospitality

This is the second time I fly this year on my official duty. Its the KUL-LBU-KUL flight. Nothing extraordinary with all the flights that I have taken on MAS. Only that now I am flying with MH equivalent to Malaysian hospitality. Of course Malaysians will present Malaysian Hospitality. Read what an ex steward has to write about Malaysian Hospitality HERE.

I wanted to write about Malaysian Hospitality back in February but due to time constrain and concentrating on my SOPO blog, I forgot about it. It was back in February when I wanted to check my flight with call centre and called 1-300-88-3000 from Langkawi. It was a disgusting experience. I made a call on 21st February 2008 at 2.10 pm and after getting through, I was put on hold and listen to pre recorded advertisements for 26 minutes and 43 seconds and then the call was disconnected. I have wasted that amount of time and money to be paid to Celcom without any information I needed. And this is Malaysian Hospitality and I agree the what Lea Laurielle wrote. Thanks Lea for writing at length to them. Now I feel a “trauma” whenever I need to call MAS call centre. When Lea wrote at length about call centre, I doubt anybody from MAS reads her blog.

Back on board its my on an evening flight to Labuan from Kuala Lumpur and its my first experience having meals packed in a nice beautifully designed meal box. For this I give a thumb up. It is neatly packed and the steward and stewardess manage to serve the passengers easier and faster. Every passenger will be given meal of their choice normally two choice. On that particular flight its was a choice of rojak or spaghetti. Why spaghetti? Its Malaysian Airlines and they serve spag? Rojak is a good choice. I don’t understand the choice of serving spag on a Malaysian Airlines who should be a promoter of Malaysian Hospitality which means provide whatever is Malaysian. That was my KUL-LBU flight.

On my way back LBU-KUL this time also on an evening flight and passengers have no choice of meals. Its macaroni, sandwich, fruits and choc. Again macaroni is not Malaysian even many Malaysians are accepting foreign food in their eating habits. I know nobody from MAS will read this blog but as a Malaysian I am writing to point out my view for any readers who visit this blog.
The meals are packed nicely and each passenger can have a box either to be eaten on board of maybe want to take away as souvenir. Only one thing I would like to bring up is food is placed in paper trays but the cover is plastic. If the plastic is safe and has no toxic effect due to heat whny not ouverturn it? Place the food on the plastic and the paper as the cover. If there’s any gravy it will not dissolved into the paper and destroy the box causing leaks. Maybe MAS Catering managements have some reasons for that. I am just a traveller flying on Mas who is promoting Malaysian Hospitality.

Cuisine – MAS InFlight Meals

All Malaysian Bloggers Project

Here is a collection of different meals on MAS. All these are on different flights between Kuala Lumpur and East Malaysia or vice-versa. Sorry I can’t remember on which flights I took the pics.

On MH 2662
On MAS Kuala Lumpur – Tawau. Oooppssss…..after publishing this photo and read it on the net only I realised that the content is already in my stomach. LOL

On MH 2593


After five days in Miri its time to go home. My flight was MH 2593 on MAS. I had requested earlier for seat 27A which is on th portside. If you on one of the lucky flight between East Malaysia and West Malaysia, you will have the opportunity to see the Natuna Islands along the way. Natuna belongs to Indonesia and I was surprised that there inhabitants on the island in the South China Sea since its quite far away from Jakarta. Pictures in this blog was taken while on flight except the full aerial view of the island (right) which was downloaded from the net.
A Fly Asian Xpress (FAX) plane that had just landed

Access point in the waiting lounge at Miri Airport. Access is 10 cents per minute and I wonder is there anybody who use the facilities. Its FREE in Changi and other airports. (Hey, thats my trolley bag in the foreground)
Oil platform off the shore of Miri.

My meal of fried rice with prawns and beans. Its very tasty

Natuna Island

Signs that show that there is inhabitants

Another part of the island

KLIA – About to touch down. Think this my first time touching down from this side.

Bertolak Ke Los Angeles

Bertolak ke Los Angeles dengan penerbangan Malaysia MH094 pada 30 April 2002. Departure dari KLIA pada jam 3.15 petang. Dalam penerbangan duduk sebelah seorang pegawai dari Petronas yang akan ke Houston, Texas untuk menghadiri satu seminar mengenai petroleum. Cakap-punya cakap rupanya dia juga orang Kedah. Orang kampong, beb.

Penerbangan transit di Taiwan. Sebelum keluar ke terminal untuk transit, semua penumpang telah diberikan arahan untuk membawa turun semua hand carried luggage dan menunjukkan pasport masing-masing. Di pintu keluar kapalterbang ialah pegawai imigresen US yang memeriksa semua pasport kami.

Tiba di LAX (Los angeles Airport) pada jam 9.40 malam (6.35 petang waktu USA). Pertama kali menjejakkan kaki di bumi Amerika. Telefon ke Hotel Furama kerana telah membuat tempahan melalui internet. Senang sekali pengangkutan ke hotel kerana ada transport datang untuk mengambil dan bawa ke hotel. FOC. Kadar hotel melalui internet ialah US 59.00.

Besoknya kembali semula ke airport untuk bertolak ke Colorado Springs dengan penerbangan American Airlines. Pemeriksaan semasa check-in memang ketat sekali. Maklumlah baru saja lepas 911. Masa masuk aku belikan kad internet dengan tujuan untuk mengakses internet menggunakan laptopku.

Dalam bilik menunggu bertemu dengan Dr. Wahab yang akan bersama-sama menghadiri konferens di Colorado Springs. Masa nak masuk pemeriksaan keselamatan ketat. Lepas melalui mesin scanner, kasut pula kena buka dan discan sekali lagi.

Penerbangan ke Colorado Springs mengambil masa 45 minit dan dapatlah tengok pemandangan USA dari udara.