MH370 Debris Found?

In the latest development of the missing MH370 flight en route to China that went missing from radar in May 2014, debris believed to be from the aircraft was found on an island in the Indian Ocean, French Island of Reunion.

La Reunion
Google map showing location of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean

The Telegraph reported that wreckage found was believed to be moving part on the wing called a flaperon, that might be from the missing Boeing 777.


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A Flaperon is is a type of aircraft control surface that combines aspects of both flaps and ailerons. In addition to controlling the roll or bank of an aircraft, as do conventional ailerons, both flaperons can be lowered together to function similarly to a dedicated set of flaps. Both ailerons could also be raised, which would give spoilerons. – Wikipedia

MH370 wing

‘Weird thing on the shore’: The 6ft-long wing flap, which experts believe comes from a Boeing 777 like the Malaysian Airlines plane, was half covered in sand and had barnacles encrusted on its edges when it was found by Mr Begue and his team of beach cleaners

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Xavier Tytelman‘s who tweeted about the flaperon found then was picked up and quoted by a few news portals. @WIRED  published as They must have found a peice of MH370. Read HERE.

MH370 Debris
MH370 Debris

Xavier 1


Read more of Xavier’s Tweet HERE and HERE. 

What does “BB670” mean?

The code will prove vital in identifying the aircraft and could help to verify the source of the debris within 24 hours. The code is believed to be a tag, or part of a tag, placed by manufacturers on parts of an aircraft to help identify it. The code could be a part number or serial number or bar code. – Telegraph

After news of the Flaperon found, another news appeared about a damaged suitcase also found.

Le Journal


Beach cleaner Johnny Begue has spoken of the moment he stumbled across plane wreckage on La Reunion island, sparking speculation that it belonged to MH370. He is pictured with a shredded suitcase he also found on the beach which is also thought to have from the doomed jet

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All photos are picked up from the internet and credited to the source.

However it has still to be determined whetner the debris found came from the ill-fated MH370 or other aircraft.

Even when MH 370 wreckages had been founf it is still far from answering why the aircraft went mysteriously missing.

Read the recall on the MH370 mysterious missing.

Dailymail UK also republished the theories of the missing MH370 HERE.×250

MH370 – Where Is It Really?

After nearly two months missing, now there are new claims that the wreckage of MH370 if any, is not in the South Indian Ocean where the search had been going on since shifting from Gulf of Thailand after Inmarsat informed that they tracked the ill fated aircraft to the the search area.  Surface and underwater search did not find any clue of the missing MH370 but just garbage from some other sources.

The latest claim now is that an Australian Company have found the possibility of MH370 submerged in the Bay of Bengal. Read HERE. This claim might coincide with the claim of a women travelling home from Umrah claim that she saw the plane in the Bay of Bengal and dismissed by the Acting Minister of Transport. The Australian Company meanwhile said that they did their own search in the Bay of Bengal since 10th March while the women claimed she saw it on 8th March, the day MH370 went missing.

The claim does not end there. Another pilot claim that he saw the image of the wreckage in the Gulf of Thailand.

So are we getting confused? Which claim is right and true.


MH370 Days Counting

MH370confidenceIt is coming to 2 month since MH370 went missing and to date there is still no concrete sign that the aircraft ended in the South Indian Ocean. Surface search and underwater search still did not find any clue in any form. Even the few pings detected by the SAR team did not turn out to be from the ill-fated aircraft. The best of the worlds latest technology even fail to give us answers. And now Malaysia and MAS had made into the record book.

While news about the misisng MH370 is fading by day, the SAR team is still determined to unearth where the wreckage (if there is) and what really happens. Now, the public’s interest to follow the latest development is getting cold by day unlike during the earlier days. Likewise perceptions on how Putrajaya handles the tragedy has is also being questioned.

Merdeka Center had conducted a survey to find out how the public sees. The result was 45% were not confident in the government handling and 18% not confident at all.

Merdeka Center director Ibrahim Suffian said while Putrajaya might be doing its best to handle the tragedy, the numerous conspiracy theories as well as the slow release of information from the authorities had contributed to the negative perception.

“This is a media-driven issue and there is no way the public will know anything beyond what’s reported by the media and in social media. Read the Full Article HERE

Whatever the public’s perception towards Putrajaya, we should still pray for the fate of MH370. Lets hope miracle happens and MH370 did not end in the South Indian Ocean because there is no tell tale sign that it ended there besides the PM announcement. All search resulted null.


MAS Aftermath MH370 Tragedy – View From A Captain

MH370 unearth many professionals and talents which nobody knew before. We see gems within out society that had only been polished  when they are invited to speak on the educational side of the missing MH370. Among the gems uncovered is retired MAS Captain Datuk Nik ahmad Huzlan who had served MAS for 30 years. Since his first appearance on Astro Awani, he had been the centre of reliable information about aircraft especially the missing Boeing 777.  His explanation which is simple and easily understandable by non aviation masses.


Ever since i knew his Facebook profile, I requested to be added as a friend and now been following his unofficial statements and views about aviation and specifically the MH370 tragedy.

Today he published a lengthy post on his wall; view from someone who has that self of belonging feeling of his “farm” that feed him and his family for 30 years before retirement. I copy and paste his love and feeling about the future of our national carrier that is beleeding more than RM 3 million a day. I repeat RM 3 million a day, NOT a month or year.

This is his post copied from HERE. Go to the posting to read responses from others.

What will happen to this beloved Airline of ours? Already bleeding to the tune of more than RM3 million a day, it has also shrunk to 5/8th its original size. This month MAS loses direct connectivity to the US where years ago it was serving both coasts, landing at Los Angeles and New York. MAS used to be a Top airline, winning numerous accolades with a sparkling safety record, which went a long way in covering up its Management deficiencies that has been present for many years.
The MH370 Event will definitely expose these deficiencies as the Airline and its Operating Practices comes under a microscope.

How much more pain can this beleaguered Airline bear? While time may heal MAS’ reputation, its main reason for existence, ie, as a profitable Business Entity, is vague and unclear. It will continue to lose money for sure.

I served MAS for 30 years. In 1996 I became Chief Pilot Narrow Body Operations and watched with horror as i saw the smart ones being ignored while the mediocre corporate politicians rule the roost.

During my stint in Management I served under 6 CEOs. All came in with their select team, bringing high hopes, but all eventually faltered as the seasoned corporate politicians edged their way into the meeting rooms and left the CEO Teams clueless. The CEOs and their Dream Teams left after 3 years. The seasoned corporate politicians are still around.

MAS is a story of square pegs in round holes. Its main problem is not the business nor costs. Its about Talent Management. Its about having good Human Resource processes to ensure the qualified does the job they are not just merely good at, but excellent and passionate about doing the task at hand. I observed many Senior MAS staff engaging in processes that ensures job protection, even to the detriment of MAS. These people have to go as they are dragging the company down. They thrive on cronyism. They surround themselves with average people who will not threaten their position. They prefer compliance rather than intellect. They avoid confronting conflict, preferring the path of backhanded maneuvering to solve it their own way.
They need to go.

MAS more than ever needs people with the talent of doing good business, not just ability of running a business. They must be hungry, and understand that the process of a successful sale is serving the customer from cradle to grave AND collecting the proceeds of that sale. The Operations side needs thinkers, not procedural pen pushers, happy to just fulfil what is required of them in a day, but not hungry to improve currently tried and tested process.

There is so much talent inside MAS, but most in the wrong place. Or unrecognised.

On Talent, MAS must keep the Best and Fix the Rest. Average is just not good enough now. Not after losing two planes in six months while bleeding RM3million a day.

Its current path is leading it to destruction. It needs to address its long standing problem, which, even before MH370, seems insurmountable. Excellent Management is required with MH370 hanging over its head.

NOTE: The Above is a Watered down version. There is a Dark Side to MAS that not many knows.

Bloggers view: Is it because MAS is a GLC that it face such a predicament. What if Airasia too is another GLC?

Read some of his educational information

Berita Semasa
Rakyat Marhaen


MH370 – New Phase Detected Pings

It was reported today by Xinhua News that a Chinese SAR vessel Haixun 01, detected pulse signal of 37.5 kHz frequency at the search location for the missing MH370 aircraft in the South Indian Ocean. The frequency is a standard signal from black boxes or specifically cockpit voice and flight data recorder. Anish Patel, President of Dukane Seacom told CNN that its the same frequency.

The patrol vessel arrived at the new search area north of the 1.15 million square-kilometer patch of the earlier designated search area on Friday.

huaxen 01

However it needed to be verified by the SAR Coordination Centre in Perth.


Read more at:

ping detected
Click on map for credit

Search and Rescue entered its new phase by moving underwater since Friday with the deployment of a towed pinger locater. Two ships with locator capabilities are searching a 240km (150 mile) path in a bid to retrieve the data recorder.

Towed Pinger Locator
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MH370 Photo Of Mysterious Passenger Released

Police today released photo of one of the two mysterious passenger identified as an Iranian and he was believe to be migrating to Germany.  He is identified as  Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad,  aged 19.

IGP, Tan Sri Khalid said they had checked with their counterparts elsewhere and believe that he is not attached to any terrorist group. The information of his intention was provided from his mother.

A Clearer picture of the two who boarded MH370 on a stolen passport.

Image on top was found on THIS BLOG

The photo released by PDRM of the two. Photo credit as watermarked

Pouria Nour used an Austrian belonging to Christian Kozel. It was reported stolen in Phuket, Thailand. The announcement by IGP matches Thailand Police investigation that both passengers travelling on a stolen passport might be runaways seeking assylum. Based on ticket purchasing, terrorist will identify the route and targeted airline. The two mystery passenger, however, requested for a cheap air fair from any airline to Copenhagen, Denmark and another to Frankfurt, Germany.

Their ticket was purchased by a middleman from a tourism agency in Thailand. 

Read more at:

What I posted below are copied and paste from Yahoo News


[10.30PM] – The Last Day of Malaysia Airline Passengers With Stolen Passports

By RACHEL KATZ and COLLEEN CURRY | Good Morning America

A man claiming to be the friend of two Iranians who used fake passports to board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight told ABC News that the men stayed at his home the night before the flight vanished.

Mohammad Mallaeibeasir told ABC News that he is an 18-year-old student living in Malaysia who went to high school with one of the men who is believed to have used a fake passport to board the missing flight. He said the other man was a friend of the friend’s, and the pair stayed at Mallaeibeasir’s the night before the flight took off.

Mallaeibeasir identified the men as Pouria Nour Mohammadi and Reza Devalar, both around age 18 or 19 and both from Iran. He said he went to high school with Pouria, but had not seen him for a couple of years.
They stayed with Mallaeibeasir and his roommate Friday night, and then Mallaeibeasir drove them to the airport, where they used stolen Italian and Austrian passports to board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on Saturday morning, he said.

The plane lost contact with air control and radar approximately an hour into its flight and disappeared without a trace. A massive search operation is under way for any sign of the plane in the waters between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Mallaeibeasir said he did not know the men were using fake passports until the news stories broke and Pouria’s mother called him and told him about it. Mallaeibeasir says he then called Malaysia Airlines and told them all of the information he knew.

Today Malaysian Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar identified one of the two men with stolen passports as Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, 19, and said he was likely trying to enter Germany to seek asylum. His mother contacted authorities after he didn’t arrive in Frankfurt.

Interpol later identified the other man as Delavar Syed Mohammad Reza, 29.

Law enforcement sources told ABC news today that the men’s tickets were purchased by an Iranian man known as “Mr. Ali.”

Mallaeibeasir said that when Pouria and Reza were staying at his house, he heard them briefly talking to an “Ali” on the phone.

“The last night when they were in my home they were talking on the phone for a long time. They were talking in Persian, in their room, and I heard them say ‘OK Ali’ like that in Persian. I didn’t understand because it was like, five seconds. I went into the room to take water from my fridge and I came out and they said, ‘Be quiet, we’re talking.'”

Besides the hushed phone conversations, Mallaeibeasir said that the pair just hung out with him and his housemate and watched movies. Then Mallaeibeasir drove them to the airport.

“They stayed here only the last night before the flight. They were supposed to stay in Malaysia for three days but I think they stayed for one week,” Mallaebeasir said. “They were with me because I had a car and I told them I will take you to the airport. They came to my house.”

Mallaeibeasir and Pouria went to high school together in Tehran two years ago, before Mallaebeasir moved to Malaysia to study business information technology. He said he did not know Reza until the two arrived at his home for a quick night’s stay.

Mallaeibeasir said he did not ask Pouria or Reza why they were in Malaysia. Pouria said he was heading to Germany or Copenhagen after Malaysia in order to visit his mother because they were having family problems, Mallaeibeasir said.

The two men traveled lightly, Mallaebeasier said. Pouria had a mountain climbing-type backpack and a laptop, while Reza carried a suitcase and a laptop, he said.

After he dropped them at the airport, Mallaebeasier called the men on their cell phones. Pouria answered but hung up quickly, and Mallaebeasier ended up talking to Reza for about three minutes, he said.

#MH370 Missing En Route


#Pray for MH370
#Pray for MH370

Today abuzz on social media, traditional electronic media and talk of the town is the news that Flight MH370 bound for Beijing China was missing along the route. The last tracked position was off the coast of Vietnam. The plane has 227 passengers and 12 crews. For the manifest of the passenger list CLICK HERE.

There had been confusing news and postings on the social media especially Facebook flooded with unconfirmed latest status of the plight of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200.

MH370 departed KLIA at 12.35 a.m and was scheduled to land in Beijing at 6.35 a.m. However communication was lost while the plane was crossing the South China Sea towards Vietnam. The jet was being monitored by flight tracking website which shows the plane’s progress before it vanished.

The last position recorded was at 1.30 a.m Saturday morning.

It has been reported that one of the passenger board the flight with a stolen passport belonging to one, Luigi Maraldi, 37, from Cesena. Read more interesting development HERE.

MH370 schedule Watch the graphic showing the moment MH370 went missing over The South Chine Sea HERE.

MH370 route

When all effort had been deployed for Search and Rescue (SAR) and as member of the public who has very limited knowledge about the aviation  industry, let us not make misleading comments. Let the specialist do their work and the priority now is WHERE IS MH370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Information

Family members: +603 8787 1269 / +603 87871 629
Media: +603 8777 5698 / +603 8787 1276
Public: +603 7884 1234 atok vlog

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