View From 810 Hotel Dynasty

Pictures taken from my room. During my stay the morning are quite hazy but is a bit clear from noon onward. However the sky is not so clear as the picture of the sun shows that the hace turn it inot just a bright ball.

Sunset (5.00pm) during a hazy evening


Another hazy morning

Ahhhhh, its clear.

Another clear day

Flying to Miri- View from seat 10F

This is what you do when you feel bored when you fly.

At KLIA before take-off

Somewhere near Kuching airport before landing

Soooooo boring

About to land

The plane has landed. Don’t know what this called. But I think it is to dampen the trust abd slow down the plane after landing.

In Sarawak you don’t have to fly. U FAX it.

Honest Staff at Dynasty Hotel, Miri

I stayed at Dynasty Hotel in Miri (as in my previous post). Room 810 from 30th October to 3rd of November 2006. Well, I would like to expose of one honest housekeeping staff. The staff I would like to hightlight is “Faridah” if I am not wrong (as she told me). She was doing housekeeping on 31st Oct 2006.

This is what happen. I accidently left RM 550.00 on the desk and since it was hidden under the sheets of papers, I did not realise it when I left the room. Then when I came back to the room I found that I could not open the door. While I was trying to open, she emerge from another room where she was cleaning and told me that she asked the management to double lock my room because she saw the money while cleaning the room. At first I though it was the coins that I left on the side cabinet.

After the management came and open the door, I enter and found the RM 550 intact on the table Oh, Gosh. If she were to have taken the money, I wouldn’t know about it because I did not remember putting it there the previous night.

I would like to compliment her for her honesty and hope the hotel management will take that honesty into account for employee of the year award.

Besides the honest staff, I would like give a good grade for all the friendly staff right from the driver, bell boys, receptionist and even the Acting Hotel Manager whom I first met in 1997 when I first stayed there. I’ve stayed in many hotels in Malaysia and had never had the opportunity to talk to any managers.

Food?. If the hotel is not a 5 Star, I am giving the Rosita Cafe a 5 star rating for the delicious food served. Food is very tasty and all my colleague who were together, give the thumb up to the Chef (I think he is) who walks around during every meal time and thats a good practice. He can see the satisfied faces of guests and diners.

Well, if you are visiting Miri, I would recommend you staying there.

Lot 683, Block 9, Jalan Pujut-Lutong,
C.D.T. 20, 98009 Miri, Sarawak.
Tel: 085-421111 Fax: 085-422222

Miri, Sarawak

Depart from Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian Airlines System MH 25XX at 10.05. The flight to Miri transits at Kuching International Airport for 45 minutes before arriving Miri.

Stayed at Dynasty Hotel, the one I stayed during my first visit to Miri in 1997. This is the third time I stayed at the Dynasty.

Miri, the second City of Sarawak, and is situated on the north eastern part of Sarawak. It borders with Brunei on the east. The City has grown phenomenally since oil was first discovered in the early 1900s, burgeoning into the modern and dynamic business, commercial and educational centre it is today. It is also the stepping-off point to many of Sarawak’s world-famous national parks such as the Mulu National Park, Niah National Park, Lambir Hills National Park and Loagan Bunut National Park, as well as other major tourist attractions.

Situated at the northern end of the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo and adjacent to the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam.

Set along the north-eastern coast of Sarawak, Miri is propelling purposefully towards becoming a Resort City by 2005. Miri is just a flight away from Kuala Lumpur, serviced daily by major airlines in Malaysia i.e. Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia. One can also enter the city from Brunei through the Sungai Tujuh checkpoint as most Bruneians does during the weekends.