New Lead To MH370?

It was reported on Astro Awani Facebook that a police report was made in Sandakan of a supposedly MH370 plane crash site on an island in Southern Philippines. It was reported that a few hunters stumble upon a plane wreckage with Malaysian flag on it.

Where is Sugbay Island?

Map of Sugbay Island south of Philippines and East of Sabah
Map of Sugbay Island south of Philippines and East of Sabah

The police report was made in Sandakan by Jamil Omar on Friday.

According to Jalaludin, Jamil claimed his aunt Siti Kayam had stumbled upon the aircraft wreckage on Sugbay Island, Tawi-Tawi.

“Jamil claimed his aunt had entered the aircraft wreckage which had many human skeletons and bones. She also found a Malaysian flag measuring 70 inches long and 35 inches wide,” he said.- Astro Awani

Whether its really MH370 remains to be confirmed.

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Still Theories of Missing MH370

It seems not many people are talking about the missing MH370 now after it went missing on 8th Mac 2014. Many maybe had already forgot about the tragedy that pull attention of the whole world and on the other side made Malaysia known to the world. Malaysia had already promised to search for the missing plane without any time limit until it is found. So what really happen to Flight MH370, is still a mystery for most of us but maybe not for certain people.

This video by anonymous published on SecretsOf ThefFed dot com still concentrate around what had been speculated since the early days of the missing Flight MH370 that is conspiracy.

It was speculated with John Rothschild’s name mentioned and the relation to 20 Freescale employees of engineers on board the missing plane. However MAS refuse to release the cargo manifest but beating around with mangoosteens and Lithium Ion batteries.

If you have the time watch this 8:08 minute video and especially from the 7:00 minute mentioning about Rothschild.

MH370 Days Counting

MH370confidenceIt is coming to 2 month since MH370 went missing and to date there is still no concrete sign that the aircraft ended in the South Indian Ocean. Surface search and underwater search still did not find any clue in any form. Even the few pings detected by the SAR team did not turn out to be from the ill-fated aircraft. The best of the worlds latest technology even fail to give us answers. And now Malaysia and MAS had made into the record book.

While news about the misisng MH370 is fading by day, the SAR team is still determined to unearth where the wreckage (if there is) and what really happens. Now, the public’s interest to follow the latest development is getting cold by day unlike during the earlier days. Likewise perceptions on how Putrajaya handles the tragedy has is also being questioned.

Merdeka Center had conducted a survey to find out how the public sees. The result was 45% were not confident in the government handling and 18% not confident at all.

Merdeka Center director Ibrahim Suffian said while Putrajaya might be doing its best to handle the tragedy, the numerous conspiracy theories as well as the slow release of information from the authorities had contributed to the negative perception.

“This is a media-driven issue and there is no way the public will know anything beyond what’s reported by the media and in social media. Read the Full Article HERE

Whatever the public’s perception towards Putrajaya, we should still pray for the fate of MH370. Lets hope miracle happens and MH370 did not end in the South Indian Ocean because there is no tell tale sign that it ended there besides the PM announcement. All search resulted null.


MH370 – New Phase Detected Pings

It was reported today by Xinhua News that a Chinese SAR vessel Haixun 01, detected pulse signal of 37.5 kHz frequency at the search location for the missing MH370 aircraft in the South Indian Ocean. The frequency is a standard signal from black boxes or specifically cockpit voice and flight data recorder. Anish Patel, President of Dukane Seacom told CNN that its the same frequency.

The patrol vessel arrived at the new search area north of the 1.15 million square-kilometer patch of the earlier designated search area on Friday.

huaxen 01

However it needed to be verified by the SAR Coordination Centre in Perth.


Read more at:

ping detected
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Search and Rescue entered its new phase by moving underwater since Friday with the deployment of a towed pinger locater. Two ships with locator capabilities are searching a 240km (150 mile) path in a bid to retrieve the data recorder.

Towed Pinger Locator
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MH370 Pencarian Diteruskan

Biarpun telah dibuat pengesahan bahawa penerbangan MH370 berakhir dan dianggap hilang di Lautan Hindi Selatan tanpa bukti kukuh melalui penemuan sisa-sasa dari pesawat tersebut, pencarian masih diteruskan.

Hari ini 26 Mac 2014 diumumkan bahawa terdapat leads baru oleh satelit dan pihak Kerajaan Malaysia telah menghantar imej satelit yang besar kemungkinan dari pesawat yang hilang itu. Ia merupakan imej sebanyak 122 objek berpotensi dari pesawat yang malang itu.

Sementara itu di media sosial masih lagi diperkatakan oleh ramai pengalanisis bahawa MH370 ada hubungkait dengan pendaratan di Pangkalan Amerika Syarikat iaitu Deigo Garcia. Russia juga mendakwa bahawa MH370 dirampas oleh Tentera Laut Anerika.

Dalam pada itu sudah ada pihak yang memulakan proses udang-undang terhadap MAS dan Boeing sementara Barat melalui media yang mereka kawal mengambil kesempatan untuk melabelkan sekali lagi Islam sebagai pengganas apabila mula menuding jari kepada juruterbang dan pembantunya. Bagi Barat apa sahaja yang dilakukan oleh orang Islam semuanya berunsur ganas.

FBI mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa tidak ada apa-apa yang meragukan dalam Flight simulator Capt. Zaharie yang boleh disabitkan dengan kehilangan MH370. Bermakna Capt. Zaharie adalah bersih jika hendak hendak dikaitkan dengan training beliau menggunakan Flight Simulator itu. Namun adakah Barat akan berpuas hati?

Satu posting dalam Facebook yang berupa satu soalan kepada Barat dan yang sering mengaitkan Islam dengan keganasan yang pastinya mereka tidak dapat menjawabnya
Is Islam Really Terrorist atok vlog

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