Being Part of NKRA Needs Subscription?

Earlier today I wrote a post about one application that can be used across all mobile platform and published in on my xperienceoflife. It is a social duty application and also for your own safety in case there is an emergendy or you saw someone who need urgent help from the police. The app is MyDistress. This application can be downloaded from Android Market or Google Play or from the website itself HERE.

After completing the draft and clicked sent, I surf the MyDistress website and read the FAQ. To my surprise, MyDistress is NOT FREE because there is a monthly subscription of RM 2.00 and MyDistress calls are subjected the the telcos charges. It does not state whether RM2.00 is for every mobile gadget or for every single user registered. 

Then I wonder why must PDRM charge the monthly subscription when I think not every subscriber to MyDistress will need that emergency help everyday. Furthermore, that application is a project by Selangor  PDRM and under the NKRA. NKRA is spending taxpayers money and now the taxpayer has to fork more money to use their product. RM2.00 is not much, but consider if 1 million mobile owners has to pay, NKRA is making money out of their service to the Rakyat. Rakyat Didahulukan, I suppose.