Georgetown Festival 2014


Georgetown Festival

August will be a an art fever in Georgetown, Penang. The Georgetown Festival 2014 will be a month-long festival filled with a series of arts and culture events in celebration of Georgetown’s listing as a unESCO Heritage Site since 2008. The Georgetown Festival was mooted and celebrated its first inauguration in 2010.   George Town Festival (GTF) is a month-long festival that has turned into a proudly Penang arts institution. From its start as a series of arts and culture events in celebration of George Town’s listing as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2008, George Town Festival was mooted and celebrated its first inauguration in 2010.

Since its inauguration celebration in 2010, GTF flourishes into a most vibrant arts festival in South East Asia. It is filled with world class performances, cross-cutural colloborations, and local community initiatives as portrayed in the GTF Gallery.

GTF will be another global platform for arts in Southeast Asia with distinctive programmes and use of space for arts including five-foot ways, colonial shophouses and sidewalk galleries. During this month long, George Town acts as a blank canvas- it’s performers, audiences, and George Town locals will bring the city to life.


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Historical Sites Means Nothing?

English: Early Kedah's architecture - EarlyKed...
English: Early Kedah’s architecture – EarlyKedah001.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Bujang Valley Candi
English: Bujang Valley Candi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Archaeology Museum of Bujang Valley
Archaeology Museum of Bujang Valley (Photo credit: Tianyake)
Built in 6th century A.D, Candi Bukit Batu Pah...
Built in 6th century A.D, Candi Bukit Batu Pahat is the most well-known ancient Hindu temple found in Bujang Valley, Kedah, Malaysia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been circulating on media social about a heritage and historical site being demolished to make way for housing development. This is one site that has been detected, maybe there are more where some greedy housing and property developers who sees historical sites has no value compared to the money that they will gain after their projects gets done.


Lembah Bujang at the foot of Gunung Jerai in Kedah has been identified as one of the earliest civilization on Golden Chersoneses or the Malay Peninsular. It is believed to be earlier than the Malacca Sultanate. The news broke out (that I first read on social media) that A candi called Candi Sungai Batu in Lembah Bujang, Kedah was recently destroyed by a developer angering the Kedah state government, NGOs and netizens over the demolition of the candi that is known as site number 11.

The destruction of candi number 11, rebuilt on its original site back in the 1970s by an archaeological team, was chanced upon by a scholar who happened to be investigating the historical valley.


Malay Mail Online post : Prehistoric ruins at an archaeological site in Bujang Valley some 1,200 years old were secretly demolished by a land developer, a Penang lawmaker said yesterday, even as Badan Warisan Malaysia seeks to list the historical spot as a Unesco world heritage site.

Free Malaysia Today : The chairman of NGO Bujang Valley Study Circle said the developer had now demolished the most famous 8th century temple remnants known as Candi Sungai Batu estate or Bujang Valley site 11.



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Batu Feringghi Night Market

Penang has been known as the “Pearl of the Orient”. It was stated in history books as been founded by Sir Francis Light but recent disviceries shows that there has been inhabitants before his arrival.

If you want to buy a condom for your eyes then go to the night market at Baru Feringghi.

The Tram in Penang- Its History

Penang once had trams as a means of transport for the inslanders. The line ply in the city centre and I can remember had the opportunity to ride on when I was a little boy. It was electrically powered with overhead electrical cables vertically above the tram lines. I am not sure when the tram was stopped but its was an unfortunate move. Should it be retain, the tram can be one of the attraction for tourist. Just like on Kowloon Island, Tram still freey passengers across the island.

Beca in Penang

I had written a blog about the thrishaw in Malay called beca in Malacca. There is not much different between both of them which was once a popular mode of transport. Its a three-wheeled vehicle powered by who else, human of course. Nowadays when mostly everybody have their own transport beside cheaper public transportation, the services of these trishaw peddlar is not much needed anymore. However their life must go on. They have families to support and must survive. So, now they turn the trishaw as a tourist attraction vehicle.

Not every city has trishaws. Even in Malaysia only a few towns still have them. Trishaw can still be found and in Penang, Alor Setar, Kelantan, Kangar, Kuala Terengganu and Malacca.

So, when in those towns in Malaysia, don’t miss the trishaw ride.

Beca” waiting for tourist at Penang Road. It is just in front of the Cititel Hotel.
Tourist get the feel of a “beca” ride

Penang Rojak

If we speak about Penang and its food what comes in ones mind is nasi kandar. However there is more than nasi kandar when it comes to food in Penang. Pasembor is another must have if you visit Penang. Its a mixture of processed seafood including prawn balls, fish balls and cakes, crabs etc. It is topped up with grated cucumber, ‘sengkuang’, ‘kangkong’ and spread with nuts gravy. The taste is a mix of sweet and sour. atok vlog

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