Help Stop Phishing

Received an email from CIMB Clicks today, a reminder about online scam. As usual I will read first whether it is a genuine mail or it landed in my Spam Box.

Banks will usually not ask online banking customers to perform any transactions through emails. If even there is just check who sent the email and where the email want to lead you. Just Right Click on the email address and Inspect Element. The inspect element window will show where the actual email arrive or where to send. Whatever it is, just be 200% wary since scammers will try and test any way possible to scam prospective victims.

The content of the email from CIMBClicks mention about “Phishing”

Phishing is a type of scam where fraudsters blast emails to a mass audiencein their malicious attempt to lure unsuspecting  people to fake websites. 

The email also attach this graphic as a piece of advice to people who use to perform online banking.