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Another new airline will be taking to the sky soon. Rayani Air a Kelantan based airline will be taking off soon. At the time of writing this post the website has no information yet but you can bookmark this for future.  Rayani Air will fly on the following routes


Rayani Air start operating in Kota Bharu and will be the first local airline based on syariat compliance. It will be compulsory for Muslim cabin crew  to wear the hijab and will practice the alcohol free flights.


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RayaniAir/

Instagram –  https://instagram.com/rayaniair/

Rayani Air Taking Off From MKZ

I first saw this on Malaysia Asia Facebook who shared Airline News Asia . So a new budget airline for Malaysia and will make the Batu Berendam International Airport as her homebase.

Rayani2 Recently a DAP lawmaker challenged the newly elected Transport Minister to relive the Melaka International Airport that seems to be a white elephant when there is no activity since Mac 2014. Will Rayani Air be the answer to the challenge?

Rayani Air is expected to depart from Melaka International Airport (MKZ) in late Q4 this year. Not much information was known about the new budget airline but it will add up to the competitive lo cost air travel market in the country. To date Malaysia has already Airasia, Malindo Air and Firefly in the market.

The airline will be using a former MAS Boeing 737-400 and downgraded to only 1 class consisting of 169 seats.

Rayani Boeing 737-400

Rayani Air Cabin

Rayani Air is expceted to fly to five domestic destinations from MKZ : Penang, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Miri and Kota Kinabalu.

Rayani Air Routes


While their base airport will be at Batu Berendam, Rayani Air’s operating office is currently located in Shah Alam.

Rayani air contact

All photo’s are from Rayani Air Facebook while Twitter’s handle is @RayaniAir1