From Animation To Reality

We have been presented world realism that once were just animations created by animators. How amazing those creations and ideas from great thinkers of yesteryear being transformed into reality for us to witness.

There was this posting on Facebook about an animated orchestra Animusic that was a digitally animated pipe music that attracted more than 1.1 million viewers on You Tube. The animation was created in 2004 and Intel recreate it in 2011 with real robots using a variety of technologies such as security cameras, sensors and touchscreens to make beautiful music.

What you view from the above video clips had been transformed by Intel below.

Intel Animusic
Robotic Orchestra Officially dubbed Intel Industrial Control in Concert, this automated paintball orchestra was built by systems integrator Sisu and Intel, using seven Intel Atom embedded processors to run a security camera, multi-touchscreens, sound and motion. Inspired by the “Pipe Dream” musical animation by Animusic, this real robotic orchestra was unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, CA in September 2011 to showcase how many different control systems can be built easily and quickly using x86 computer chip architecture.

What Intel spent on this Industrial Control in Concert;

  • $160,000 to build
  • 2,300 rubber paint balls
  • 250 industrial I/O
  • 90 days to create
  • 36 paint ball hoppers
  • 7 Intel Atom processors
  • 4 modular pieces
  • 3 operating systems
  • 3 different generations of Atom
  • 1 day to assemble
  • 1 U-Haul truck to deliver from Texas to San Francisco