Sukau Rainforest Lodge

Sukau Rainforest lodge was opened in May 1995 by Albert Teo and adopting a Green Policy with self sufficient, water and power supply- utilising rainwater and solar hot water heating. SRL also minimise noise and air pollution when river safari tours to wildlife areas used electric motors instead of fuel powered motors.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge is a sister company of Borneo Eco tour also runs their own non-profit community and environment foundation “Borneo Ecotourism solutions & technologies Soceity”. Kinabatangan Wildlife Corridor Rehabilitation Program (KWICORP) tree planting program is one of their successful project. Besides they also run three medical project in Kg Sukau, Abai and Bilit providing free medical and dental treatments benefitting more than 2000 villagers since 2003.

Under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the lodge also donates RM4 per adult to BEST soceity for every International Guest who stays with the Lodge while Borneo Eco tourism foot another RM8.00.

Sukau located at Km 130 can be reached from Sandakan Town, Sabah by road.


Location map of Sukau Rainforest Lodge. Credit to Mark McGinley. More photos of SRL on his blog.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge gain international recognition and named Finalist for Responsible Tourism Awards in the Most Inspiring Responsible Tourism Accommodation Provider category. The winners and finalists were announced at ITB Asia on Friday 25th October in Singapore.



Malaysia Airlines – The Way I See It As A Passenger

Malaysian Airlines
Malaysian Airlines


I can’t remember when was the last time I fly on Malaysian Airlines (MAS) since my organization changed our travels to Airasia. It was in the mid 90s. Since then I had no opportunity to fly on MAS until recently.

Mot much changes on the outfit of MAS except with the addition of new plane to its fleet and changes on their body paints.

I saw this original MAS paintwork on one of their aircraft at Kuching airport with their original Wau Bulan Logo. It is a good idea to keep this original design as a nostalgic monuments in the history of Malaysia Airlines after their separation from Malaysia singapore Airlines in 1972

Original Desing on Malaysian Airlines Plane
Original Design on Malaysian Airlines Plane
among ther earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design
Among the earlier MAS fleet of aircraft, with the original design – Photo from Going Places April 1997

During my last flight to and fro Kota Kinabalu from KLIA I was ware the changes in crew attires and also the interior finishing of their new fleet pf boeing 737-800. I fly Malindoair to Kuching two weeks before and both on the same type of aircraft. MAS had changed from their batik motif seats to the leather look with tone of maroon (on the plan I was on) Not sure if all their 737-800 fleets has the same colouring.

Meals on board not much changes only that the present caterer is Brahim’s istead of MAS Catering. Well, is MAS Catering still in business? with Brahim’s, the Briyani Chicken was superb and the smell caught the nostrils immediately when the crew starts preparing to serve when the seatbelt sign was switched off. I did not take any pictures of the meal sets since there not much difference from the last.

Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment
Touch Screen facilities for your In Flight entertainment

When I was on Malindoair flight earlier I thought they had outsmart MAS but my thoughts was wrong. In fact maybe all Boeing 737-800 comes with inflight entertainment facilities.  So if your mobile gadget is running out of battery juice, just remember to bring along your USB cable to charge and of course its included in your airfare.

With the entertainment screen in front of every passenger, there is no more opportunity for SOME male passengers especially to voyeur on the cabin crew demonstrating the safety procedures. (LOL)

There’s a selection of entertainment to suit all passenger if not 100%. Movies, Music, Cartoon all in the package. There is also the Quran on screen if you want to read the Quran while in flight. Musics include most genres including Nasyid and after finishing The Heat acted by Sandra Bullock, I entertain myself with Nasyid number from Maher Zain. flying on MAS will now not be a boring one unless you want to doze off all the way.

FYI, I still keep this copy of Going Places, a special Wings of gold Commemorative Issue for 50th anniversary of Malaysia Airlines. I know it will be an antic publication many-many years to come and I will keep it for monetary purpose. I have two copies of the issue, but trying to locate where’s the other one.



This trip was done in February 2011 when was on my family’s trip to Sabah.

Our journey to Ranau gives me the opportunity to stop at the Kundasang War Memorial Park that is dedicated to



This is not my first visit though but I can see the changes since my first visit to this memorial in the 70s while I was serving in Kota Marudu and travel to Ranau or Sandakan.

Kundasang is popular with her vegetable product and almost everybody who travel on this route will make a stop at Kundasang to buy fresh vegtable to take home.

As in most public places visitors has to be reminded on ethics and here are some placed within the Garden to remind visitors.

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Signages within the Garden

The garden has been segmented and dedicated to the various parties involved in the memorial.

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Australian Garden

The administration area. Here video clips and memorable photos is being displayed for visitors.


View from the Garden


Sabah Trip – Langkon Stops

Langkon is not actually a town but just a small RnR stop along the way from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat or Kota marudu or vice versa. It is located at a junction to Kudat and Kota Marudu if you are from Kota Kinabalu or Kota Belud.

 The facilities is not what is expected on normal RnR on highways but just enough for travelers to stop and buy some essentials especially snacks and drinks. Do not miss out the groundnuts or the crackers. I bet it taste better than the popular brand groundnuts sold in supermarkets. The nuts are not hard but quite soft and fluffy. I think its the produce from farmers around the area.

Dataran Tomborungus, Kudat, Sabah

I had the opportunity to visit the weekly tamu at Dataran Tomborungus in Kudat Town. Tamu is a congregation of small time business enterpreneur just like the pasar malam or night market in other places. However tamu is mainly for local farmers to sell their product and it is a form of direct sales- fresh from the farm.
This concept is now replicated by FAMA who organised the Pasar Tani.
The pictures below was taken during the tamu.

Traditional medicine also make its presence at the tamu.

Flying without wings? Oh….its chicken wings roasted over charcoal fire. Chicken wing is becoming a popular delicacy in Sabah and Sarawak.

Fresh from the farm: It is not only fresh but cheap too.

Coconut has been the symbol of Kudat since it was the main product before being taken over by oil palm.

Coconut juice from young fruits is a refreshing drink on a hot day and the soft flesh is so soothing to eat.

Nostalgic Trip Kudat Kota Marudu, Sabah

I was a teacher in SMK Kota Marudu, Sabah from 1976 – 1980 and when I had the opportunity to revisit the town, it was very nostalgic. I could reacll all the sweet memories of my early life when I start to make a living. When I came to Kudat in May I took the opportunity to go to Kota Marudu and my former student accompanied me.

A satelite map from Google Earth showing the town of Kota Marudu.

Along the was, I saw one Rungus longhouse and how they cope with modern living. Modernisation and traditional can be seen here. See the Astro receiver dish?

This is a view along the road leading to Kota Marudu from Langkon, the junction to Kota Kinabalu, Kota Marudu and Kudat. Mount Kinabalu can be seen in the background.

On the way to Kota Marudu. The bridge crosses over Sungai Bandau. Bandau is the former name of Kota Marudu.

The main roundabout before entering Kota Marudu new township.This roundabout is at the new Goshen town. In the background is the SMK Kota Marudu. I did not have the opportunity to teach in this school because my contract expires in the year before this new school start operating.

The Kota Marudu mosque situated at the Pekan Lama (old town). This Pekan Lama is non existence anymore after it was moved to a new township. It was at this mosque that we congregate for Friday prayers and religuous activities.

This is a community hall. Inside this building, I gather the youth of Kota Marudu for theatre and dance practice for my group “Anak Seni”