Altel Or Clixster?

I am not sure whether they can be considered the new kid on the block but clixster had been on the scene since May 2011 and I had heard about Altel that began operation since July 2012. There is not much information on their website about the product. The only prominent dofferent from other major telco and communication players in Malaysia is that both services are Bumiputra based. Clixster is operated by Keramat Resources Sdn. Bhd. It join hand with ANGKASA (National Cooperative Organisation of Malaysia) to venture into the mobile telecomunication service. Altel Communication, meanwhile is owned by Albukhary Group of Companies.

CLIXSTER coverage runs on Digi APN and that means it has the same coverage as Digi (?) and Altel at present are using the celcom infrastructure but have plans to set up their own telecommunication tower in future.



Altel is owned by Puncak Semangat Sdn. Bhd. among the eight companies awarded with the 2600Mhz LTE spectrum by Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia (SKMM) to enable the company to provide 4G services. Read MORE.


When a prospective subscriber has the intention to subscribe to a communication service, of course the first question that come into their mind is coverage. However when I surf on both Altel and Clixster website there are no information whatsoever about their coverage, what more the coverage map. This is I think is a minus factor for both provider to attract new subscribers. Now after doing some research for both provider, at least I have some info about coverage. If you want to subscribe to Altel, then the coverage might be equivalent to Celcoms’ while Altel to Digi. With Google Maps widely used by internet users, it quite surprising that they can’t plot out their coverage or at least give some hint by sharing Celcom and Digi’s coverage map if they do not want to create their own being afraid of sending prospective subscriber to  other telcos.


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For more information about ALTEL SERVICES

I had came across postings on Facebook and blogs wondering why Altel and clixster does not rise to the occassion and one of the accusation is that sabotage by dealers because both service belong to Bumiputra. Personally I beg to differ. My view is about marketing and promotion.

Clixster was launched at the Hari Koperasi Kebangsaan at Bukit Jalil Sports Complex in 2011 and I bought a starter pack but did not activate (which now has expired). Ever since I did not hear anything about clixster. I can’t remember seeing any billboard anywhere advertising clixster and the same goes to Altel. Compare that to Celcom, Digi, Hotlink and UMobile.

Both clixster and Altel has no effort to make their presence felt.  Only when a few Facebook user start mentioning it on their wall, people starts getting aware of its presence. Just visit both website and the ‘juice’ is not there and looks so stale and barren. I think the webmaster for both provider has to wake up and present a more attractive website. Just compare clixster and altel webpage to Digi, Celcom, Umobile and Maxis, you know what I mean. atok vlog

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