Coaching Frontliners in Tourism Industry

I read an advertisement in the Travel section of NST (from the library)below an article Coaching Frontliners by Shanti Gunaratnam. The article was an interview with Corporate Coach CEO, micheal Heah. He was talking about educating educating Malaysian frontliners in the tourism industry. As a Malaysian I felt that I am responsible to woo tourist to my country as it helps build the economy. So I decided to call the company but was told that only those who are in the tourism industry can attend the 2 day course organised by Corporate Coach Sdn. Bhd.I am in the sports industry (government)

The reason in wanting to attend the course is that eventhough I am in the sports industry, I have the responsibility to help my country since we can also develop the area of Sports Tourism. Tourism is not only about travelling and see places. It is education, medical, business, sports etc. ,etc. Besides as a blogger who write about travelling, I can help promote my country through my writing and which be read throughout the globe. Does this help promote the country? However I was told to contact the Tourism Industry. Maybe because that ministry set the budget for the course.