Kedah – Where It All Begins

This description was published on Discover Kedah 2016 You Tube Page dated 23 Sep 2015

Kedah Darul Aman (Abode of Peace) is one of the oldest civilizations in Southeast Asia. Centuries before Borobudur and Angkor Wat… and long before Malacca, Kedah’s Bujang Valley was a thriving trading capital in this part of the world. Before Malaysia became known as ‘Truly Asia’, Kedah was already a destination that was ‘Truly Asia’.

Rich in history, natural beauty and tradition, it’s time the world fell in love with Kedah, Malaysia – Where it All Began.

In relation to the history of Kedah’s civilisation lets view this You Tube clip.

Lembah Bujang in Kedah was once a great port

There are lots of video clips on the early history of Lembah Bujang  in Kedah which is believed to be the oldest civilisation in the Malay peninsular since it is located at the entrance of Malacca Straits.



Tourism is organising the second Malaysian International Tourism Conference in Mac. Bloggers had been invited to submit their travel blogs for nominations under various categories.

Last year I submitted my …as I Travel …as I Travel but did not win any awards. Well, I know where I stand.

I had already sent in my application to attend the conferenceconference this year to be held at KLCC on 5th and 6th Mac 2013. Travel bloggers can take this opportunity to create their networking and learn new experiences from seasoned bloggers.

Missed Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012

Well, I missed another good opportunity to collect new experiences when I had to turn down the urgent invitation from Tourism Malaysia to join the Malaysian Tourism Treasure Hunt 2012. 

I received a message from Rayyan Harries to send him my number. Then a call from someone (found out later to be Natasya) from Tourism Malaysia asking whether I can make it to the event and I was suppose to answer it now and then. Since, I had already committed to two prior  assignments during the weekend and since the invitation needs me to be away for the next 6 days, I had to turn down.  

If I were to know about the event earlier, I could have plan my weekend schedule. 

This morning after reading the tweet from Rayyan, I searched the internet for more news about the #MTH2012 and came across an interesting blog post by Rebecca Saw. who was one of the participants in the event.  It was well presented and walking through her blog makes me say to myself, ……”I missed a very good opportunity to be in an interesting event”. What participants will experience during this 6N 5D events is HERE.

I hope in future events organised by Tourism Malaysia, I can get an earlier notification because I want to be among the citizen that can help sell tourism in Malaysia through my experiences and blogposts. 


MITE 2012 and WITM 2012

Just concluded in early May is the Malaysian International Tourism Blogger and Awards 2012 organised by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with Social Media Chambers Malaysia.

End of May will be another two international Level functions that is also related to tourism.
At MAEPS in Serdang, there is the Malaysian International Tourism Exchange (MITE) from 31st May to 3rd June while at Grand Pacific Ballroom, Seri Pacific Hotel and Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur there is another Conference organised by MATTA, The World Islamic Tourism Mart.


The event is set to be held at Malaysia Agro-Exposition Park, at Serdang and will be the biggest tourism event for Malaysia.

Whats In Store?
Checkout MITE2012 for activities
Getting There (as posted in MITE2012 official website)
Malaysia Agro – Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) is easily accessible with its strategic location in the proximity of the national development areas such as Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and University Putra Malaysia. To get there:-
  • Kuala Lumpur City Centre = 36 km
  • Putrajaya = 16 km
  • Cyberjaya = 12 km
  • UPM = 2 km
  • Seri Kembangan = 5 km
  • Kajang = 21 km
Bus Bay
From KL Sentral (Public Transport) Our shuttle bus takes you from KL Sentral directly to our venue. Just hop on Bus no.11 and in half an hour, you will reach MAEPS.
Upon Arrival at MAEPS Bus Bays are conveniently located at the main entrance, arrival gate 3 and arrival gate 4 that will take you to the various parts of the park in MAEPS.
MAEPS is reachable through different highways. Check the Google Map below.
This event will be held in the city and on the same date. The location is Putra World Trade Centre and Seri Pacific Hotel at Jalan Putra, Kuala Lumpur. It is easily accessible either by road or by LRt. If you take the LRT, disembark at PWTC station.
For events visit WITM2012 website.

Historical Labuan

Here again I am on Labuan soil for the second time this year. I was here in April and stayed at Sara Hotel. This time I stay at Waterfront Hotel, some distance out of the main town area. Waterfront is a four star hotel with quite good facilities. There’s a large swimming pool, gymnasium, health centre, and even a karaoke and lounge within the premise. However I am not very concerned about all those facilities as long as I can switch on my laptop and log onto the internet. When I stayed at Sara Hotel, I can surf from the comfort of my room. Of course there’s hotspot at the hotel and I think it is well connected at the lobby or coffee house next to it. I can get 1 bar and the signal is very weak. Therefore I found it not worth registering my hotspots account since I will not be connected round the clock.

Oooppps, I swayed away from the topic. Anyway, I am planning to take a round island tour today. FYI I am surfing from the internet cafe inside the TUDM Base in Labuan here.
I went together with Sulaiman, Kamal and Ardina. Our first stop was at The Chimney, one of the landmark of Labuan.



After visiting The Chimney we went to Peace Garden, a monument garden in remembrance of the surrender of the Japanese army during the 2nd World war.

1 – 6 April Labuan

Labuan is an island that was once part of Sabah and ceded to the Federal Government in 1984 converting it into a Federal Territory (other Federal Territories are Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya). The island has an areaa of 92km square and was made into an offshore financial centre.
The town of Labuan was called Victoria and is is an easy going life. Living in Labuan is not as hectic as living in other towns and cities of Malaysia therefore giving it a motto of …to live and relax. Main economic activies is trading.

When in Labuan I stayed at Sara Hotel in the heart of the town being the reason there’ s TMnet hotspots. One can get access to the internet using hotspots from the lobby but if you re lucky enough to stay in rooms on the first floor nearest to the lobby, you might get access from the room. I stayed in room 105 and get a weak signal. However I can get logged on to the net and that was a 24 hours connection.

Another reason is the next to the hotel is the Restoran Malindo for your decent meals. Labuan tourist information centre is about a hundred metres away from the hotel. If you love night life Labuan is a place to be.

References to Labuan

Labuan Online community
Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority
Labuan Travel Guide (Wiki)
Labuan web
Mari-mari Guide

Destination Port Dickson

Today I took off to Port Dickson (PD). The last time I was in Port Dickson was April last year. There will be a workshop to write the sports specific curriculum for coaching. A few sports was called up to complete their coaching curriculum for all the three levels under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

Left my house at 9.00 pm and drove up to PD through the North South Highway (PLUS). The journey to PD is just about 1hr 15 minutes. Drive along the PLUS Highway and then take Exit 219. Toll rate from Sg Besi Toll Plaza is RM 7.70. After passing the toll plaza you will reach a traffic light and take a right turn. Drive straight until you see another sign showing the route to Port Dickson. From there you have the choice of using the trunk road or the highway. The trunk road will take you through Mantin and Rantau. Whereas the highway will take you direct to Port Dickson but you still have the exits to Mantin and Springhills. The open toll fare for this highway is RM 2.60.

The distance from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson is about 13 kilometres.

My destination in Port Dickson is Tiara Beach Resort. I will update this blog later with some pictures of Tiara Beach Resort.

Posted from Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson.
The wifi internet access is from Kemang Internet.

Launching Visit Malaysia 2007

Date: 6 January 2007
Venue: Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 8.30

Tonight the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will start the ball rolling for Visit Malaysia Year 2007. This event is to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence this year. Malaysia achieved independence in 1957.

Tasik Titiwangsa Kuala Lumpur will be the centre of attraction tonight for the launching ceremony and also the launching of much publicised Eye of Malaysia where one can have a 360 degrees breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur. See pictures here

Visit Malaysia 2007

Year 2007 is visit malaysia year. As a citizen of Malaysia I want to play my role. All citizens of the world – come and see Malaysia. Experience her lush green forest, her beautiful beaches, her countryside breathtaking views. Go to the hills, climb Mount Kinabalu. Dive in Sipadan. Swim with the fishes in Redang and Perhentian.

Malaysia can be a gateway for travellers going East or West. North of her is Thailand. South is Singapore. Travel to Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand. Go east to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan. You can do it all from Kuala Lumpur.

Today 2 Sept 2006. I registered myself on visit malaysia. Its a website to promote domestic tourism by selling tour packages. Beside that I have the opportunity to earn some side income.
Click here atok vlog

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