Beca in Penang

I had written a blog about the thrishaw in Malay called beca in Malacca. There is not much different between both of them which was once a popular mode of transport. Its a three-wheeled vehicle powered by who else, human of course. Nowadays when mostly everybody have their own transport beside cheaper public transportation, the services of these trishaw peddlar is not much needed anymore. However their life must go on. They have families to support and must survive. So, now they turn the trishaw as a tourist attraction vehicle.

Not every city has trishaws. Even in Malaysia only a few towns still have them. Trishaw can still be found and in Penang, Alor Setar, Kelantan, Kangar, Kuala Terengganu and Malacca.

So, when in those towns in Malaysia, don’t miss the trishaw ride.

Beca” waiting for tourist at Penang Road. It is just in front of the Cititel Hotel.
Tourist get the feel of a “beca” ride