U Mobile Is Just Another Broadband Package

Last month after I won an iPad during a lucky draw, I went out in search of a Broadband package. I ended up subscribing to U Mobile since they had an attractive package for prepaid customers.

I thought it was a promising package but seems it is as worse as other Broadband packages in the country. They never fulfil their tagline. U Mobile boast as the fastest Broadband in the country. Even they said the speed can be 42Mbps but my prepaid package of M40 is only 7.2Mbps. That is what I was told by the guy at the counter at Berjaya Times Square.

Everything was just words. I hardly can get connected to the internet on U Mobile most of the time. So whenever I wanted to surf, I had to find a WiFi hotspots.

I had wasted RM 58 to subscribe to the package inclusive of a RM8 starter pack, RM40 compulsory reload and another RM10 to change from the normal Sim Card to a Nano Sin Card.

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Why Apple Make Life Miserable?

I posted earlier about subscribing to U Mobile Broadband for my iPad internet access. Apple make things difficult for users when they introduce the nano SIM after Samsung (SIII) shrink them from normal SIM to Mini SIM.

When I subscribed I did not reload with the RM40 for internet access. When I visit U Mobile at Berjaya Times Square to change to Nano SIM card, the normal SIM I purchased earlier was made invalid when they move my subscription to the Nano SIM.

Well, I learn a new lesson. How to reload on the iPad. Personnel at U Mobile told me I cannot do it on my iPad. I have to buy a SIM adapter and reload it using the normal phone. So I had to fork out another RM10 for the adapter. Al in All before I can access the net on my iPad, I have to pay RM68.00.

So now you can see the hassle Apple created to their Apple mobile gadget user? Now I have to eject the Nano SIM, insert it into the adapter, shove it into a mobile phone, reload, eject, take out the Nano SIM and reinsert back into my iPad. It will be a routine, if I stay on.

I just wonder why not U Mobile follow YES when subscribers can reload online even if there is no credit in the account. Subscriber can still get connected to YES for the reload process. Technology should make life easier and not the other way round.

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